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Alex G - Beach Music (by Julia Leiby)

All People - All People (by Glennon F. Curran)

Allegra - My Legs Are Growing (by Niccolo Dante Porcello)

Andy Shauf - The Party (by Julia Leiby)

Angel Olsen - My Woman (by Max Freedman)

Animal Lover - Stay Alive (by Shaina Vriezelaar)

Anna McClellan - Fire Flames (by Cole Kinsler)

Arbor Labor Union - I Hear You (by Quentin Gibeau)

Autolux - Pussy's Dead (by Emma Behnke)

Axis: Sova - Motor Earth (by Kat Harding)

Aye Nako - Silver Haze (by David Anthony)


Baked - Farnham (by Kat Harding)

Banned Books - Banned Books (by Ivan Krasnov)

Bedroom Eyes - Honeysuckle (by Hannah Liuzzo)

Bethlehem Steel - Docking (by Corey Sustarich)

Beverly Tender - Lord Mayor Makes 1,000 Speeches (by Joe Gutierrez)

Bichkraft - Shadoof (by Jordan Reyes)

Big Business - Command Your Weather (by Jeremy Zerbe)

Big Hush - Who's Smoking Your Spirit? (by Julia Leiby)

Big Neck Police - Don't Eat My Friends (by Nathan Springer)

Big Neck Police - Sleight of Time (by Nick Duval)

Big Putts - Prism b/w Donut (by Niccolo Dante Porcello)

Big Ups - Before A Million Universes (by Dan Manning)

Bilge Rat - Bilge Rat (by Torrey Proto)

Birthing Hips - No Sorry (by Phillipe Roberts)

Blacklisters - Adult (by Chris Harris)

Blue Smiley - Ok (by Zak Krone)

Blue Smiley - Return (by Nathan Springer)

Bonny Doon - Bonny Doon (by Connor Bush)

Boris - Pink (Deluxe Edition) (by Jeremy Zerbe)

Bueno - Illuminate Your Room (by Max Freedman)

Built to Spill - There's Nothing Wrong With Love (reissue) (by Joe Gutierrez)


Dark Mtns - Dark Mtns (by Cole Kinsler)

David Vassalotti - Broken Rope (by Jonathan Bannister)

Deaf Wish - Pain (by Chris Donnell)

Deafheaven - New Bermuda (by Dan Murphy)

Death Index - Death Index (by Chris Donnell)

Deerhoof - Fever 121614 (by Hannah Liuzzo)

Deerhoof - The Magic (by Max Freedman)

Doug Tuttle - It Calls On Me (by Hannah Liuzzo)

Duchess Says - Sciences Nouvelles (by Max Freedman)

Dust From 1000 Yrs - Spring (by Jordan Weinstock)


False Punk - False Punk (by Peter Ives)

Fern Mayo - Happy Forever (by Niccolo Dante Porcello)

Fern Mayo - Hex Signs (by June Amelia Rose)

The Flaming Lips - Oczy Mlody (by Rob Cleveland)

Flat Swamp - By All Means (by Jonathan Bannister)

Florist - Holdly (by Julia Leiby)

Florist - The Birds Outside Sang (by Jonathan Nasrallah)

Flyying Colors - Ease Mobile (by Billy Brat)

Fond Han - Sham Cloud (by Josh Ginsberg)

Foozle - Romantic Comedies (by Jordan Weinstock)

Forth Wanderers - Slop (by Max Freedman)

Frameworks - Smother (By Nick Otte)

Francie Cool - Francie Cool (by Gilad Jaffe)

Frankie Cosmos - Fit Me In (by Marcus Gauthiér)

Frankie Cosmos - Next Thing (by Cole Kinsler)

Freind - Lemon EP (by Joe Gutierrez)

Fuzz - II (by Conor Rooney)


G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day of Revenge (by Marcus Gauthiér)

Gay Sin - Gay Sin (by Niccolo Dante Porcello)

Gemma - As Ever (by Rob Mellinger)

Girl Band - Holding Hands With Jamie (by Kelly Johnson)

Glueboy - Yikes (by Marcus Gauthiér)

gobbinjr - vom night (by Nathan Springer)

Grandkids - This Guitars (by Alex Colston)

Greys - Outer Heaven (by Torrey Proto)

Greys - Repulsion (by Torrey Proto)

Guerilla Toss - Eraser Stargazer (by Glennon Curran)

Guerilla Toss - Flood Dosed (by Niccolo Dante Porcello)

Gun Outfit - Dream All Over (by Dan Rickershauser)

Gun Outfit - Two Way Player (by Sebastian Friis Sharif)

Gunk - Garge Munk (by Kelly Johnson)

Gunk - Gunk (by Hannah Liuzzo)


Halfsour - Charm School (by Hannah Liuzzo)

The Hecks - The Hecks (by Phillipe Roberts)

Hellrazor - Satan Smile (by Shaina Vriezelaar)

Helvetia - Dromomania (by Dan Murphy)

Holy Wave - Freaks of Nurture (by Emma Shepard)

Horse Jumper of Love - Horse Jumper of Love (by Niccolo Dante Porcello)

Horse Lords - Interventions (by Quentin Gibeau)


The I.L.Y's - Scum With Boundaries (by Nick Machak)

IAN SWEET - Shapeshifter (by Niccolo Dante Porcello)

Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression (by Katie Preston)

Infinity Girl - Harm (by Jeremy Probst)


Kal Marks - Life Is Alright, Everybody Dies (by Niccolo Dante Porcello)

Kindling - Galaxies (by Eric Gagne)

Kindling - No Generation (by Kat Harding)

King Woman - Created In The Image of Suffering (by Jonathan Bannister)

Kiss Concert - Split (by Eric Gagne)

Krill - Krill (by Loren DiBlasi)


Lady Bones - Terse (by Jonathan Bannister)

Lance Bangs - Lance Mountain (by Nathan Springer)

Leapling - Suspended Animation (by Cole Kinsler)

Left & Right - Pivot Foot (by Jonathan Bannister)

Left & Right - The Yips (by Charles Hoyt)

Leggy - Leggy (by Jaclyn O'Connell)

Loose Tooth - Big Day (by Stephen Veith)

Lost Boy ? - "Canned" - Live Ⓐ Shea Stadium (by Josh Ginsberg)

Lost Boy ? - Goose Wazoo (by Josh Ginsberg)

Luggage - Sun (by Jordan Reyes)

Lunch Ladies - Down on Sunset Strip (by Timothy Michalik)

Lushes - Service Industry (by Conor Rooney)

LVL UP - Return To Love (by Niccolo Dante Porcello)


Painted Zeros - Floriography (by Bobby Cardos)

Palberta - Bye Bye Berta (by Josh Ginsberg)

Palm - Trading Basics (by Hannah Liuzzo)

Parlor Walls - Opposites (by JP Basileo)

Parquet Courts - Human Performance (by Sebastian Friis Sharif)

PC Worship - Basement Hysteria (by Chris Harris)

Peaer - Peaer (by Josh Ginsberg)

Pigs - Wronger (by Jeremy Zerbe)

Pile - A Hairshirt of Purpose (by Cole Kinsler)

Pile - Jerk Routine (by Scott Nicholas)

Pile - You're Better Than This (by Ethan Jaynes)

Pissed Jeans - Why Love Now (by Joshua Robbins)

PJ Harvey - The Hope Six Demolition Project (by Kelly Johnson)

Planning For Burial - Below The House (by Dan Manning)

Pleistocene - Spear (by Roger Kuhn)

Polyon - Blue (by Jeremy Zerbe)

Porches - Pool (by Niccolo Dante Porcello)

Porches - Water (by Emma Shepard)

Priests - Nothing Feels Natural (by Jonathan Bannister)

Prissy Whip - R.I.P. AF (by Jasmine Bourgeois)

Pudge - Bad Land (by Ggregg Stull)


Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool (by Marcus Gauthiér)

Railings - ) ( (by Josh Ginsberg)

Red Hare - Lexicon Mist (by Angela Phillips)

Rick Rude - Make Mine Tuesday (by Cole Kinsler)

Rick Rude - Split (by Eric Gagne)

Ringo Deathstarr - Pure Mood (by Ryan Allen)

Rob Crow's Gloomy Place - You're Doomed. Be Nice. (by Jonathan Bannister)

Running - Wake Up Applauding (by Kelly Johnson)


Sad13 - Slugger (by Josh Ginsberg)

Sauna Youth - Distractions (by Andrew Leeper)

Sean Eldon - You Didn't (by Alex Colston)

Shopping - Why Choose (by Jonathan Bannister)

Six Organs of Admittance - Burning The Threshold (by Kat Harding)

Sleepies - Natural Selection (by Katie Holliday)

Slothrust - Everyone Else (by Conor Rooney)

Sneaks - It's A Myth (by Matt Voracek)

So Pitted - Neo (by Conor Rooney)

Soccer Team - Real Lessons in Cynicism (by Jonathan Bannister)

Soda - Without a Head (by Ronnie Francisco)

Soft Fangs - The Light (by Ethan Jaynes)

Space Mountain - Big Sky (by Charles Hoyt)

Space Mountain - Gargantua (by Samantha Martasian)

Spencer Radcliffe - Looking In (by Catherine Vianale)

The Spirit of the Beehive - Pleasure Suck (by Emma Shepard)

The Spirit of the Beehive - You Are Arrived (But You've Been Cheated) (by Graham Crainshaw)

Spray Paint - Dopers (by Bobby Cardos)

Squirrel Flower - Contact Sports (by Eli Shively)

Stove - Is A Toad In The Rain (by Marcus Gauthiér)

Stove - Is Stupider (by Hannah Liuzzo)

Sumac - What One Becomes (by Jon Hadusek)

Sunwatchers - Sunwatchers (by Jeremy Zerbe)

Super Unison - Auto (by Quentin Gibeau)

SUPERTEEN - Isn't A Person (by Jackson Abatemarco)

Surface To Air Missive - A V (by Alex Colston)

Suuns - Hold/Still (by Max Freedman)

Swings - Sugarwater (by Dan Manning)


Teen Suicide - Bonus EP (by Eli Shively)

Telepathic - Time Release (by Kelly Johnson)

Thee Oh Sees - A Weird Exits (by Sophie Kemp)

Thelma - Thelma (by Kat Harding)

Tim Darcy - Saturday Night (by Connor Bush)

True Widow - Avvolgere (by Shaina Vriezelaar)

Turnip King - Laika (by Jackson Abatemarco)

Two Inch Astronaut - Personal Life (by Jonathan Bannister)

Ty Segall - Emotional Mugger (by Kelly Johnson)

Ty Segall - Ty Segall (by Rob Cleveland)


US Weekly - Ideas (by Joe Gutierrez)

Useless Eaters - Relaxing Death (by Sebastian Friis Sharif)


Vagabon - Infinite Worlds (by Josh Ginsberg)

Valley Slander - How Animal (by Chris Donnell)

Video Age - Living Alone (by Hunter Keene)


WALL - WALL (by Jonathan Bannister)

Warehouse - Super Low (by Max Freedman)

Washer - Here Comes Washer (by Dan Murphy)

Weaves - Weaves (by Max Freedman)

What Moon Things - The SWIM Tape (by Torrey Proto)

why+the+wires - Flame Failures (by Kelly Johnson)

Wild Pink - Wild Pink (by Eli Shively)

Wildhoney - Your Face Sideways (by Ryan Allen)

Witch Coast - Burnt Out By 3 PM (by Aimee Lin)

Woozy - Blistered (by Bobby Cardos)


Yautja - Songs of Lament (by Graham Crainshaw)

Yuck - Stranger Things (by Nicholas Otte)

Yucky Duster - Duster's Lament (by Allison Kridle)

Yucky Duster - Yucky Duster (by Jordan Weinstock)

Yung - A Youthful Dream (by Sebastian Friis Sharif)


Zula - Grasshopper (by Josh Ginsberg)