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Glued - "II" | Album Review

by Jordan Weinstock (@weinstockjordan)

On the Facebook event for their first EP, Glued described themselves as merely an "Ovlov ripoff band." In the year that has passed since that first show at the now mostly-defunct Dugen Haus and on their second EP, Glued have become so much more. The songs that make up II feel like your very worst nightmare, one based in isolation, anger, and fear.  Each song sounds a little like the way those horror movies filmed through like dark fishbowl lenses (you know those Mac Demarco music video ones) look. Lyrics like “I will slit open my insides my guts spill the insects swarm / watch them feast I’m feeling colder but I bet they’re feeling warm” reinforce this feeling of loneliness and pain to the extreme.

Perhaps I am biased (St. Louis is my adopted home) but in one short year Glued have become one of the most interesting and impressive guitar rock bands this side of the Atlantic. Not only do all members of the band have the chops to back up their vision but they play with a passion and energy that can only be summoned by people who genuinely need this music. The members of Glued didn't choose to write these songs, they needed to write these songs. With riffs fluctuating between incredibly nauseating and undeniably awesome, Glued have taken a recognizable sound and forced it to implode in on itself, like an alien's rendition of your favorite band.