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Nice Guys - "Grodelo" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Some days you need that very cathartic release more than others. Abandon all concerns and just let Boston's Nice Guys destroy your eardrums. Last week we heard Black Beach's "Poor Posture," the first single from the two bands' upcoming split 7" (due out June 15th), a ripper of big demented blown out grunge-indebted punk and blistering fury. Today, we have "Grodelo," the first taste of Nice Guys' side, a distorted blast of subterranean garage-punk that oozes with an ocean of grime and sleaze... which is to say it's Nice Guys at their best.

"Grodelo" sets it site toward all things filth with a thick and dissonant low end ascent, digging into the band's primal punk instincts with a wall of jittering noise. Layers of melodic (and not so melodic) chaos mount together to create an impenetrable density, the demented squalls and harsh static offering a heavy blanket for Nice Guys' dark grooves to radiate. In just under two minutes the band contort and squirm their way through blaring melodies, locked-in rhythms of fuzzy near-industrial levels, and howling vocals that demand "show me where the freaks are".

Nice Guys and Black Beach's split 7" is out June 15th. The bands will celebrate the release that night at Great Scott with Ovlov and The Cavemen. Details can be found here.