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week of january 29th to february 4th, 2018

Featured: Anna McClellan, Miranda Winters, Palm, Lomelda, Kal Marks, Queen of Jeans

Further Listening: A Place To Bury Strangers, Datenight, The Messthetics, Olden Yolk, Bat Fangs, Big Band, Ed Schrader's Music Beat, Anna Burch, Hookworms, Holy Motors, Thurston Moore, Giving Up, The Men, Greg Jamie, John Errol, Girlpool, King Tuff, Wendyfix, Sego, Ultimate Painting, FACS, Holy Wave, Freak Heat Waves, Cassandra Jenkins, Russian Baths, Twin Foxes, Erica Eso, The Bronx, American Pleasure Club, Dusty Patches, Reverence

WEEK OF JANUARY 22nd to january 28th, 2018

Featured: Superteen, Corey Flood, Oneida, Nadine, Post-Trash Vol. 3

Further Listening: Habibi, Rick From Pile, Cool Ghouls, Sumac, Renata Zeiguer, Operator Music Band, Palehound, Damaged Bug, Palm, Mind Spiders, Wooing, Your Food, Dabrye (feat. MF Doom), Sunwatchers, FRIGS, Angels Olsen, Holy Motors, Wooden Shjips, Lucie Void, Luggage, Car Seat Headrest, Vundabar, Whores, Great Grandpa, Bichkraft, Dusty Patches (feat. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya), Long Neck, The Skull Eclipses (feat. Felicia Douglass), Beck, Russian Baths, Robert Earl Thomas


Featured: Water From Your Eyes, Anna McClellan, Hot Snakes, Faith Healer

Further Listening: Ty Segall, King Woman, Grim Streaker, No Age, Eels, Bonny Doon, The Soft Moon, Pill, Thick, Porches, Mezzanine Swimmers, Cool American, Hovvdy, Ought, Preoccupations, Moaning, Gift Wrap, (Sandy) Alex G, Giving Up, Parliament (feat. Scarface), Black Milk, Mount Eerie, Erik Phillips, Skyzoo, Action Bronson, Yo La Tengo, Tape Deck Mountain, Full Body, Greatest Champion Alive, Freezing Cold, First Thought Worst Thought, American Pleasure Club


Featured: Kal Marks, The Royal They, Renata Zeiguer, Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Further Listening: Water From Your Eyes, Psychic Flowers, Starcleaner, Shark Toys, Frankie Cosmos, Hookworms, The Breeders, Trace Mountains, Scrunchies, The Men, Shame, Coffee, The Green Child, Meat Wave, Fu Manchu, Spook The Herd, Wei Zhongle, Palm, Frigs, Purling Hiss, Shopping, Sean Morales, Mint Mind, BB & The Blips, Car Seat Headrest, Efrim Manuel Menuck, Razorbumps, Nap Eyes, Bat Fangs, Superchunk, Karen O, Black Thumb, Nadine, Pat Keen, Bedbug, Kolb, Free Pizza, Acid Dad, Tape Deck Mountain, Remy, Wendyfix, Bong Wish, Dryspell, Suuns, Cavern of Anti-Matter, Ride, American Pleasure Club


Featured: Melkbelly, Booji Boys, Cheekface, The Royal They, Dove Lady

Further Listening: Rik & The Pigs, The Cowboys, Sect Mark, Giving Up, Mothers, The Fritz, Sidney Gish, Sean Morales, Leadrs, Joey Bada$$, Qui, Mind Spiders, Snakeskin, Corey Flood, Erik Phillips, Palberta, Japanese Breakfast, Moon Duo, Titus Andronicus


Featured: Kal Marks, Birthing Hips, Cleric, Coffee, Oh Sees, Windhand, Anna Burch, Yucky Duster, Water From Your Eyes, America's Hardcore, The Green Child

Further Listening: Ty Segall, Guided By Voices, Pet, Treadles, L.A. Witch, Rye Pines, Helvetia, Total Control, Wei Zhongle, Drunken Sailor Records, Efrim Manuel Manuck, Sad13, Blush, Future Death, Björk, Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile, Vundabar, Fascinations Grand Chorus, Dark Tea, Casper Skulls, Nadine, Purling Hiss, Bib, Vagabon, Fits, Datenight, Car Seat Headrest, Sunwatchers, Narcos Family Band, Bleary Eyed, Run The Jewels, Iggy Pop, A. Savage, Hovvdy, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, The Atlas Moth, Video Duct, Greg Jamie, Lily Konigsberg, Andrea Schiavelli, Club Night, Lace, Vile Gash, Wand, Bugg, Spodee Boy, Haircut, Shamir, American Pleasure Club, Boon, Marriage + Cancer, Tall Juan, Mogwai


Featured: Anna McClellan, Water From Your Eyes, Duds, Red Death, Shady Bug, Ty Segall, Mammoth Grinder

Further Listening: No Age, Thank, Cleric, Stunted, Palm, Holy Motors, Surfbort, Longface, The Skull Defekts, Scarface, Statik Selektah (feat. Joey Bada$$), Woolen Men, New Holland, Ava Luna, Julian, The Soft Moon, Moaning, Olden Yolk, Petite League, Corridor, Razorbumps, High Pony, Joey Nebulous


Featured: Glassjaw, Slip Disco, Runt, Krallice

Further Listening: Pile, Prettiest Eyes, Harmony Tividad, New Holland, His Electro Blue Voice, Salad Boys, Lars Finberg, Mind Spiders, Big K.R.I.T., Open City, Nap, Grooms, Robert Earl Thomas, Gingerlys


Featured: Bad History Month, Birthing Hips, The Royal They, Dove Lady, Palehound, Tera Melos

Further Listening: Beverly Tender, Operator Music Band, Date Stuff, Bee Bee Sea, Fits, Littlefoot, Deathsnack, Furnsss, Screaming Females, Young Jesus, Fire Heads, His Electro Blue Voice, Hovvdy, High Pony, Calvin LeCompte, The She's, Anna Burch, Björk, Heaters, Fire Is Motion, Godflesh

WEEK OF NOVEMBER 6TH to november 12th, 2017

Featured: Kal Marks, Exploded View, Dove Lady, Bee Bee Sea, Lost Boy ?

Further Listening: Bethlehem Steel, Yours Are The Only Ears, Quicksand, His Electro Blue Voice, Nots, Widowspeak, Shya, Beverly Tender, Angel Olsen, Lina Tullgren, Posse, Ty Segall, Alexander, Oneida, Parlor Walls, High Pony, Museyroom, Nouveau, Tarantüla, Edgar Clinks, Greg Jamie, Nadine, The She's, Holy Tunics, Cup, Superchunk, Blush


Featured: Bethlehem Steel, Oh Sees, Dark Mtns, Sun Organ, Flight Habit, Converge, Palm, Booji Boys, Kindling, Stef Chura, Pinegrove

Further Listening: Bad History Month, Lars Finberg, VV Torso, Rye Pines, Tera Melos, The Gotobeds, Mark Lanegan, CCFX, Statik Selektah (feat. Run The Jewels), Terry, Oddisee & Good Compny, Apollo Brown & Planet Asia, DJ Premier, The County Liners, Sunwatchers, Furnsss, Contributors, Hookworms, Big Boi (feat. Pimp C), Meatbodies, Bat Fangs, Ought, Ride, Thanks For Coming, The Human Fly, Vampyre, Godflesh, The She's High Pony, Drug Church, Fire Is Motion, Casper Skulls, Rozwell Kid, Gingerlys, Culture Abuse & Wavves, Walter Etc.


Featured: Bad History Month, Krallice with Dave Edwardson, Pile, Night Idea, Gun Outfit, Deerhoof, Lumpy And The Dumpers, Human People, Bell Witch, Slaughter Beach, Dog

Further Listening: Ovlov, Baked, Angel Olsen, Protomartyr, Guerilla Toss, Shya, Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs, Leggy, Metz, Hovvdy, CCFX, Shopping, Longface, Casper Skulls, Savak, Bugg, Small Forward, Plaque Marks, Slight, Blush, OxenFree, The Bronzed Chorus, Hotheads, Vundabar, Dream Police, Whimm, Shamir, Lee Ranaldo, Toner, Japanese Breakfast, Brian Eno with Kevin Shields, Dent, Porches, The Lovely Eggs, Bees And Enormous Tigers, Shannon Lay, Bruiser Queen, Beware of the Dangers

week of october 16th to october 22nd, 2017

Featured: Operator Music Band, Birthing Hips, Exhalants, Shilpa Ray, Fits, Whelpwisher, Tall Friend, Littlefoot, Ty Segall

Further Listening: Big Heet, Thank, Philary, Thanks For Coming, Vincent Vocoder Voice, Big K.R.I.T., Furnsss, Bib, Cold Sweats, All Pigs Must Die, Datenight, Screaming Females, Sleater-Kinney, Contributions, The County Liners, Peaer, Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts, Hovvdy, Floral Print, Kindling, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, The Soft Moon, The Gotobeds, Casper Skulls, The She's, Odonis Odonis, Red Death, Pope, Ratboys, Grooms, Japanese Breakfast, Slight, Radiator Hospital, Chelsea Wolfe, Sleeping In, CCFX, Ryan Power, And So I Watch You From Afar, Goon


Featured: Big Heet, Melkbelly, Night Idea, No Age, Exploded View, All Pigs Must Die

Further Listening: Widowspeak, Mauno, Shya, Acrylics, Dale Crover, Prettiest Eyes, FACS, Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs (feat. Roc Marciano), WESTSIDEDOOM, Porches, Anthony Fremont's Garden Solutions, Date Stuff, Headroom, Roz & The Rice Cakes, Longface, A. Savage, The County Liners, Salad Boys, Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tracy Bonham (feat. Sadie Dupuis), Odonis Odonis, Pool Holograph, Moaning, Shamir, Sad13, Lady Parts, Weird Owl, Br'er, Soft Fangs, The Bronzed Chorus, LA Font, Slowdive, Bat House, And So I Watch You From Afar


Featured: Bethlehem Steel, Weed Hounds, Plush, Littlefoot, The Breeders, OCS

Further Listening: Melkbelly, The Coathangers, Treadles, Twin Ponies, Date Stuff, Flat Worms, Gun Outfit, Nots, Wireheads, Roz & The Rice Cakes, Sam Evian, Quicksand, Vincent Vocoder Voice, Antiphons, Patsy, Nixon Mask, Toadies, Francie Moon, The World, Luggage, Weaves, Anthony Fremont's Garden Solutions, Oddisee, Calgrove, Wet Trident, Who Is She?, Corner Boys, Paperhaus, Savak, Slight, Mourn, Jeff Zagers, The Rentals, Ryan Power, Gingerlys, Cloakroom, The Rural Alberta Advantage, And So I Watch You From Afar, Monster Bad


Featured: Bad History Month, David Nance, "EIS: Live at Shea Stadium", Night Idea, Sleepies

Further Listening: Ty Segall, Protomartyr, Zula, Converge, The Patient, Floral Print, IDYLLS, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Longface, WESTSIDEDOOM, Big K.R.I.T., Run The Jewels, Broadcast, A. Savage, Electric Wizard, Who Is She?, The Effects, Weaves, Sodium Beast, Florist, Thanks For Coming, The Human Fly, Casper Skulls, Pope, Shopping, Liars, gobbinjr, The World, Unsane, Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile, Plaque Marks, Honey, Cherry, Calgrove, Banana, Paperhaus, The Life & Times, Radiator Hospital, Mauno, Francie Cool & Leor Miller, Bleached


Featured: Big Heet, Blacklisters, Angel Olsen, Ice Balloons, All Pigs Must Die

Further Listening: Dove Lady, Super Unison, Mannequin Pussy, Screaming Females, Shilpa Ray, Lina Tullgren, Fits, Weeping Icon, Omni, Deerhoof, Rik and the Pigs, Debbie Downer, Windhand, Doom, Longface, King Khan, Sleepies, Holiday Music, Yes I'm Leaving, The County Liners, The World, Kindling, Helta Skelta, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Honey, Whimm, Slanted, The She's, Westside Gunn, Downtown Boys, The Golden Boys, Weaves, Full Body, Björk, Hot Dang, Calgrove, Unsane, Beliefs, Gingerlys, Cults, Shannon Lay, Joseph Childress


Featured: Bethlehem Steel, Treadles, Washer, Yautja, The Peacers

Further Listening: Thanks For Coming, Whelpwisher, Metz, Alvvays, Unnatural Helpers, Viktor Vaughn, Björk, Priests, Palehound, Radiohead, Pope, Cherry, Chastity Belt, Snail Mail, Full Body, The North Country, Shamir, Maximum Mad, Cloakroom, Chelsea Wolfe, Slothrust, Neil Young, Michael & Clark, Francie Cool, Leor Miller, Grooms, Bloodsport: The Movie, The Band, The Bronx, Lee Ranaldo, Light Beams, Cults


Featured: Bad History Month, Blacklisters, Ovlov, Gun Outfit, Night Idea, Strange Relations, Upper Wilds, Mal Devisa, Caddywhompus, Lomelda, Kagoule

Further Listening: Shimmer, Beverly Tender, Sleepies, Electric Wizard, Shilpa Ray, Lina Tullgren, Wand, Primus, Doom (feat. Kool Keith), Stanley, The Effects, Infinity Girl, Fake Palms, Bonzo, Lunch Ladies, Maximum Mad, Nassau, Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts (feat. Karen O), Flesh World, Oddisee, Radiator Hospital, Shannon Lay, Great Grandpa, Pool Holograph, Heaters, Chelsea Wolfe, Weird Owl, Mossbreaker (feat. Ken Andrews), The Willowz, Sports, Beck


Featured: Washer, OCS, Pile, Fits, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, All Pigs Must Die, Florist, Amy O, VV Torso, Casper Skulls, Dead Rider

Further Listening: Maneka, Doom, The Coathangers, A. Savage, Thanks For Coming, Liars, Alvvays, Escape-Ism, Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile, Black Beach, Big Fred, Nixon Mask, Chris, Maximum Mad, Sick Feeling, King Woman, Odonis Odonis, Toadies, Shell of a Shell, Buck Gooter, Magic Mountain, Acid Baby Jesus, Petite League, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Neil Young, Cherry, Milk, Body Origami, The Willowz, The Discussion, Merso, Ripped Genes, Ramonda Hammer, Lily & Horn Horse, Death From Above, Mastodon, Sam Leidig


Featured: Oh Sees, Maneka, Speedy Ortiz, Once & Future Band, Tera Melos, Club Night

Further Listening: Snakehole, Quicksand, Widowspeak, Wu-Tang Clan (feat. Redman), Doom, Floral Print, Hellrazor, Beck, Stanley, Thanks For Coming, Metz, Strange Relations, The Lentils, Hand Habits, Action Bronson, Omni, Miami Dolphins, Chelsea Wolfe, Black Lips, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Mr. Muthafuckin' Exquire (feat. Meyhem Lauren), No Warning, Acid Baby Jesus, Absolutely Free, Unsane, Dead Stars, Girl Ray, Ride, Nassau, Bonzo, Laser Background, Mourn, Honey, Jack Cooper, Mastodon, Fake Palms, Weaves, Yankee Bluff, Mauno, Br'er, Poppies, The Flaming Lips, Pup, Paperhaus, Bat Zuppel, AD.UL.T, Mogwai, Warm Body, Weird Owl, And So I Watch You From Afar, Cults


Featured: Converge, Melkbelly, Protomartyr, Duds, Big French

Further Listening: Old Iron, Pardoner, Widowspeak, KMD (feat. Jay Electronica), Alvvays, Shilpa Ray, Lina Tullgren, Thanks For Coming, Black Beach, Dasher, Lomelda, Big Fred, Queens of the Stone Age, Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, Sam Evian, Grizzlor, Amanda X, Honeyrude, Who Is She, Whimm, Boon, Lubec, At The Drive-In, Chelsea Wolfe, A Giant Dog, Soft Fangs, Petite League, Death From Above, Ramonda Hammer, Cloakroom, Joseph Childress


Featured: Washer, Future of the Left, Tall Friend, Old Iron, Macula Dog

Further Listening: Shimmer, Cove Sauce, Ice Balloons, L.A. Witch, Queens of the Stone Age, King Khan, Sean Price (feat. MF Doom), Thanks For Coming, The Effects, Stanley, Craig Wedren, Cloakroom, Plax, Dog, Water From Your Eyes, The Mad Doctors, Wand, Florist, Amanda X, Big Bill, Bonzo, Bat Zuppel, Big Hush, Orb, Club Night, Cherry, Faux Ferocious, Darkwing, Mauno, Mogwai, Slothrust, Sam Leidig, Lily and Horn Horse, Heaters, Vomitface, Lea, Footings, The Bronx, Banny Grove, 1970s Film Stock, Del Sur


Featured: Shimmer, Primus, Dale Crover, Widowspeak, Deerhoof (feat. Laetitia Sadier)

Further Listening: Tall Friend, Anna Altman, Hand Habits, Liars, Amy O, Palehound, The Cowboy, Weaves, Metz, Matt Robidoux, Ryan Wong, Boris, Otoboke Beaver, Guided By Voices, Plax, Downtown Boys, Grizzlor, Neil Young, Amanda X, Crumb, Flesh World, Nassau, Big Huge, Honeyrude, The Sea Life, Warm Body, L.A. Witch, Joseph Childress, Big Boi, Savak, Grooms, Alex Cameron (feat. Angel Olsen), Dead Stars, R. Ring, Pine Barons, CHUCK

WEEK OF JULY 24TH to JULY 30TH, 2017

Featured: Maneka (feat. Jordyn Blakely), Converge, Tera Melos, Cove Sauce, Alvvays, Cruel Summer, Ryan Wong, Cloakroom

Further Listening: Helvetia, Ty Segall Chelsea Wolfe, Space Mountain, Black Beach, Lomelda, Apollo Brown & Planet Asia, Mountain Movers, Plax, Palehound, Whimm, Sleeping Bag, Honey, Lady Pills, Fits, Stone Temple Pilots, Action Bronson, Sweet Apple (feat. Mark Lanegan & Robert Pollard), Fruits & Flowers, Jack Cooper, Club Night, Tinkerbelles, Br'er, Low Flying Hawks (feat. King Buzzo), Shannon Lay, Afghan Whigs, Lubec, Fake Palms, No Friends, Kendrick Lamar, Darto, Teton, Pawns


Featured: Washer, Flagland, Nine Inch Nails, Helvetia, Pardoner

Further Listening: The Peacers, Sharkmuffin, The Bronx, Toadies, Lina Tullgren, Thanks For Coming, Thelma, The Cowboys, Palm, Old Iron, Guerilla Toss, Alexander F, Tundrastomper, Water From Your Eyes, Miami Dolphins, Grace Sings Sludge, Deerhoof, Dale Crover, Dog, Jock Gang, Kill Alters, Amy O, Ben Grigg, Florist, Big Hush, Beliefs, Amanda X, Leggy, Suspirians, Buck Gooter, The Black Angels, Alexalone, Cadet Kelly, Ratboys, Paperhaus, Banny Grove, Dead Stars, Great Grandpa, Badfellows, Morus Alba, Main


Featured: Melkbely, Protomartyr, Shilpa Ray, Space Mountain, Club Night

Further Listening: Milked, Nine Inch Nails, Oh Sees, Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble, A. Savage, Alvvays, David Nance, She Keeps Bees, Thanks For Coming, Ben Grigg, Lomelda, Metz, Weeping Icon, Oxbow, Reese McHenry & Spider Bags, Downtown Boys, Space Mountain, Tunic, Honeyrude, Soft Fangs, Naomi Punk, Impalers, Wendy Eisenberg, Less Art, Elf Power, Cende, Pouty, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Lily Konigsberg & Andrea Schiavelli, The Lovebirds, Horse Girl, Joseph Childress, Greed Island, No Friends, Talking Dog, Trumans Water, Dr. Dre, Noah GL (feat. Mal Devisa), Thunderbirds Are Now!, Jerkagram, Main

week of JULY 03RD TO JULY 9TH, 2017

Featured: Boris, Speedy Ortiz, Tundrastomper, Japanese Breakfast, Nassau

Further Listening: Apollo Brown & Planet Asia, Omni, Flowers of Evil, Spodee Boy, Can, Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else, Faux Ferocious, Run The Jewels, Plax, Reese McHenry & Spider Bags, En Route, Sheer Mag, Joey Bada$$, Camorra, Spotlights, Cults, Thunderbirds Are Now!, Coca Leaf


Featured: Tall Friend, Milked, Widowspeak, She Keeps Bees, Skydaddy

Further Listening: Mal Devisa, Boris, Dale Crover, Wand, Weeping Icon, Saba Lou, Clasp, Faux Ferocious, Liars, Sweet Williams, All Boy/All Girl, Flesh World, Amy O, Big Hush, Deerhoof, Pill, Couch Slut, The Lovebirds, A Giant Dog, Buck Gooter, Ratboys, Kendrick Lamar, Space Camp, Super Thief, Dark Tones, Fruit & Flowers, L.A. Witch, Great Grandpa, Culture Abuse, Half Waif, Soul Low, Horse Girl, Teenanger

WEEK OF JUNE 19th to june 25th, 2017

Featured: Baked, Pardoner, Dove Lady, Wu-Tang Clan, Saba Lou, Naomi Punk

Further Listening: Radiohead, Guided By Voices, Hand Habits, Melvins, Dead Rider, UNKLE (feat. Mark Lanegan), Cloakroom, The I.L.Y's, Tunic, Pill, Petite League, Littler, Forth Wanderers, Obnox, The Beach Boys, Purling Hiss, Sad13, Shannon Lay, Dark Tones, Debbie Downer, Danger Mouse (feat. Big Boi & Run The Jewels), Can, Aneurysm, Honeyrude, Coca Leaf, Reduction Plan, Beach Fossils


Featured: Milked, Holograms, Don Gero, Creaturos, Tredici Bacci, Queens of the Stone Age

Further Listening: Guerilla Toss, The Cowboys, Mudhoney, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Sneaks, The Miami Dolphins, Palm, Operator Music Band, Black Beach, Nice Guys, Wei Zhongle, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Yucky Duster, Glue, Rips, Chelsea Wolfe, Male Gaze, American Lips, Amy O, Snail Mail, The Peacers, Tinkerbelles, Squarehead, Slow Mass, Ride, Sleeping Bag, Coca Leaf, Terry, Spodee Boy, Wet Hair, Action Bronson, Trumans Water, Fruit & Flowers, L.A. Witch, Lee Ranaldo, Chest Pains, Sad13, No Malice, Mardou, Ben Katzman's DeGreaser, Death From Above, Horse Girl, Slowdive, Pink Frost


Featured: Milked, Oh Sees, Pile, Dove Lady, Tall Friend, She Keeps Bees, Alvvays, Weeping Icon, Tunic, Gland, Palehound, Cool Ghouls, Dale Crover, Radiohead, Milk, Guerilla Toss, Wiccans, Turnip King, Black Beach, Can

Further Listening: Mannequin Pussy, Vagabon, Nots, Suspirians, Sadie Dupuis, Cell, Chastity Belt, Spit, Rays, Wet Hair, Poppies, Jason Loewenstein, Michael Beach, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, A Giant Dog, Pat Keen, Super Thief, Mutoid Man, Big Thief, Peeling, Ulrika Spacek, Ratboys, Bloodclot, Spectre Folk, Wren Kitz, Lexie, David Nance, The Spirit of the Beehive, Nice Guys, B Boys, Pill, Big Boi (feat. Pimp C & Gucci Mane), Thelma, Dion Lunadon, The Alchemist & Budgie (feat. Action Bronson & Big Body Bess), Japanese Breakfast, Buck Gooter, Sheer Mag, Tundrastomper, Couch Slut, Sleepy Sun, Royal Trux, Jack Cooper, American Lips, Gaytheist, Rozwell Kid, Great Grandpa, Death From Above, Mardou, Drug Church, Residuels, Imaad Wasif, PJ Harvey, Teenanger, Ride, Mogwai

WEEK OF MAY 22ND to MAY 28TH, 2017

Featured: Swim Team, Nopes, Cool Ghouls, Wiccans, Dasher, Crumb, Water From Your Eyes

Further Listening: Two Inch Astronaut, Gland, Big French, Suspirians, Institute, Downtown Boys, Staffers, Chastity Belt, Ex-Cult, Joey Agresta, Thomas Quinttus, The Peacers, Amy O, The Black Angels, Camorra, American Lips, Crag Mask, The Sea Life, About A Million, Dark Tea, Saintes, Swoon Lake, Organized Noize (feat. Big Boi, Cee-lo & Big Rube), Exotica, Pink Frost, Single Mothers, Gold Dime, White Suns

WEEK OF MAY 8TH to MAY 21ST, 2017

Featured: Two Inch Astronaut, Melvins, Palehound, Blessed, Girlpool, Nopes, David Nance, Guerilla Toss, Gland, Wet Hair

Further Listening: Boris, Death Stuff, Milk, Tobin Sprout, Elf Power, Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else, Ratboys, Pallas, Jason Loewenstein, Pat Keen, Dust From 1000 Yrs, So Stressed, Chastity Belt, Thurston Moore, Cende, Sheer Mag, Zula, Big Thief, Aye Nako, Great Deceivers, The Sticks, The Builders & The Butchers, Kew, Crag Mask, Fishplate, Mogwai, Eaters, Gold Dime, Pink Frost, Slowdive, USA Nails, Gracie, Palm, Courtney Barnett, Puff Pieces, Blonde Redhead, Terry, Rachel Fannan, Fruits & Flowers, Ben Grigg, Rips, Danger Mouse (feat. Run The Jewels & Big Boi), Art School Jocks, Thick, Fat Spirit, Super Thief, Sweet Baby Jesus, Tim Darcy, Red Fang, Wolf Diamond, No Joy, Joey Agresta, Eric Slick, Great Grandpa, Glace Sings Sludge, Bloodclot, Professor Caveman, Mardou, DUMP HIM, Beach Fossils, Ben Katzman's DeGreaser, Sleepy Sun, USA/Mexico, Mutoid Man (feat. Chelsea Wolfe), Elder, Amber Arcades, Hundredth, Wren Kitz, Ghost Funk Orchestra, Friendship

Week of May 1st to May 7th, 2017

Featured: Milk, Oxbow, Bad History Month, Taiwan Housing Project, The Coathangers, Big Walnuts Yonder, Pallas, Damaged Bug 

Further Listening: Gnarwhal, J. Zunz, Big French, gobbinjr, At The Drive-In, Glued, Kaleidoscope, Buildings, Mountain Movers, Us Weekly, Black Lips, Jason Loewenstein, Julian, Options, Joey Agresta, Kero Kero Bonito, Frankie Cosmos, Vundabar, Pill, Littler, Sharkmuffin, Mutoid Man, B Boys, Ultimate Painting, Steady Lean, The I.L.Y's, Crown Larks, Palberta, Elliott Smith, Fits, The Sea Life, White Pisces, Idle Bloom, Dimples, Peeling, Fried Egg, Elder, Beach Fossils, Du Vide, Gold Dime, Blush, The Afghan Whigs, Snake Boy Gang, (Sandy) Alex G

Week of April 24th to April 30th, 2017

Featured: Two Inch Astronaut, Palm, Gnarwhal, Cool Ghouls, Palehound, David Nance, Great Grandpa, Institute, Sheer

Further Listening: Anna Altman, Speedy Ortiz, Doug Tuttle, Ty Segall, Wall, Spodee Boy, Mountain Movers, Dr. Octagon, Big French, Laser Background, Puppy Problems, Thelma, Pat Keen, Linda Fox, Imaad Wasif, Parlor Walls, J. Zunz, Littler, Küken, Substance, Joey Agresta, Sun Young, PJ Harvey, Debbie Downer, Rozwell Kid, Amber Arcades, Du Vide, The Builders & The Butchers, Kindling, Kestrels, Big Thief, Anderson .Paak, The Poison Arrows, Protocol, Single Mothers, Tough Boy, Double Grave, Beach Fossils, Wren Kitz, The Afghan Whigs, Ride

Week of April 17th to April 23rd, 2017

Featured: Christian Fitness, Anna Altman, Art School Jocks, Fond Han, Big Heet, Anxiety, Cende, Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else, USA Nails, Waxahatchee, Tricot

Further Listening: Blessed, Ty Segall, Protomartyr, Air-Sea Dolphin, Honey Radar, Priests, Buildings, Obnox, Doug Tuttle, Rips, Zula, J. Zunz, Otoboke Beaver, White Pisces, Crown Larks, Big Boi, Kendrick Lamar, Pat Keen, Wall, Big French, Dasher, Great Deceivers, Thanks For Coming, The Peacers, Rubber Mate, Mark Lanegan Band, GRLMIC, Cuz Lightyear, L.A. Witch, Outside, Crag Mask, Pleistocene, Dion Lunadon, Meat Wave, Dump Him, Nas, Sleepy Sun, Eaters, Soft Fangs, Psychic Teens, Eric Slick, Portugal. The Man, Dave Catching, The Afghan Whigs, Los Angeles Police Department

Week of April 10th to April 16th, 2017

Featured: Pile, Blessed, Gnarwhal, Part Chimp, Girlpool, Operator Music Band, Flasher, New Fries, Hellrazor, Vagabon

Further Listening: Christian Fitness, Old Maybe, US Weekly, JEFF The Brotherhood, Chain & The Gang, Datenight, Kendrick Lamar, Crown Larks, Iggy Pop, Elf Power, Roya, The Black Lips, Dangerdoom, The Black Angels, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Planet B, Hovvdy, The Mad Doctors, Xetas, Royal Trux, Dust From 1000 Yrs, Sharkmuffin, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Nas, Laser Background, Water From Your Eyes, Grape Room, Decisions, Creepoid, WVWhite, Peeling, White Suns, Eric Slick, Ubetcha, NxWorries, Crusher, The Spookfish, Beak>, What Tyrants, Car Seat Headrest, Harkin

Week of April 3rd to April 9th, 2017

Featured: Christian Fitness, (Sandy) Alex G, Can, Mutoid Man, Protomartyr, Palehound, Damaged Bug, Full Of Hell, Big Thief, Oxbow

Further Listening: Anna Altman, Tall Friend, Caddywhompus, Den-Mate, Datenight, The Craters, The I.L.Y's, Gouge Away, Wall, Thanks For Coming, Elf Power, At The Drive-In, The Mad Doctors, Ben Grigg, Joey Agresta, Buildings, Feedtime, Spowder, Sweet Baby Jesus, B Boys, Crumb, Amber Arcades, Mew, The New Year, Cold Beat, Crown Larks, Loose Tooth, Sharkmuffin, DiCaprio, Aye Nako, Ubetcha, Thelma, Eaters, Chastity Belt, Ulrika Spacek, Du Vide, H.Grimace, Soft Fangs, Boss Hog, Fraidycat, The Spookfish, Battery, Bleached, Beeef, Beach Fossils, Banny Grove, Cassandra Jenkins, Crusher, R. Ring

Week of March 27th to April 2nd, 2017

Featured: Two Inch Astronaut, Blessed, Anna Altman, The Peacers, Horse Jumper of Love, Baked, Cende

Further Listening: Laser Background, Caddywhompus, Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else, US Weekly, Bonny Doon, Guided By Voices, Sneaks, Rays, Hand Habits, Arc Flash, Doug Tuttle, Hovvdy, Drug Sweat, Art School Jocks, CFM, Cory Hanson, Bad Breeding, Joey Bada$$ (feat. Schoolboy Q), Nap Eyes, Honey Radar, Telepathic, Kendrick Lamar, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Annie Hardy, Bat House, Henry Grant, Spotting, A Tribe Called Quest, Moon Duo, Bucket, Palberta, Freddie Gibbs, Wire, Aye Nako, Crag Mask, Psychic Teens, Antiphons, Playboy, Los Angeles Police Department, Double Grave, Proper Ornaments, Tim Woulfe, Cassandra Jenkins, Arto Lindsay, Slowdive, Vassals

Week of March 20th to March 26th, 2017

Featured: Helium, Pile, Gnarwhal, Big Walnuts Yonder, Oneida, US Weekly

Further Listening: J&L Defer, Weed, Raekwon (feat. Ghostface Killah), Bleary Eyed, Old Maybe, Snakehole, The Black Angels, LVL UP, Rays, Golden Pelicans, Black Lips, The Spirit of the Beehive, Thee Oh Sees, Kendrick Lamar, Wildhoney, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, The Builders & The Butchers, Ride, Run The Jewels, Thurston Moore, Dion Lunadon, The Spookfish, Dust From 1000 Yrs, Crumb, Cassandra Jenkins

Week of March 13th to March 19th, 2017

Featured: Oxbow, Milk Music, Wall, Downtown Boys, Tropical Trash 

Further Listening: Angel Olsen, Crown Larks, Bulletin, R. Ring, Annie Hardy, Br'er, Oddisee, Horse Lords, Bilge Rat, Gaytheist, Buncho, The Cradle, Cherry Glazerr, Mount Eerie, Warm Body, Entrance, Nothing, Mastodon

Week of March 6th to March 12th, 2017

Featured: Feral Ohms, Damaged Bug, Laser Background, Casper Skulls, Wiccans

Further Listening: Ty Segall, Spectres, Cold Sweats, Self Esteem, The Craters, Fucked Up, Chastity Belt, The Spirit of the Beehive, The Cairo Gang, Safely Nobody's, Vundabar, Bad Breeding, Slimy Member, A Deer A Horse, Guided By Voices, Blonde Redhead, Yucky Duster, B Boys, Vox and the Hound, Feature, Xetas, Flasher, Parlor Walls, Petite League, Arc Flash, Dinosaur Jr, Black Pus, Caitlin Pasko, Eric Slick, Century Palm, The Afghan Whigs, Moon Duo, Girlpool, Aye Nako, Val Hollie, Warm Soda, Mark Lanegan, Joey Bada$$, Decorum, Dead Gaze, Freddie Gibbs, Fraidycat, Pontiak, Boss Hog, The Sea Life, Lunch Ladies, Mastodon, UV-TV, Greatest Champion Alive, Platinum Boys

Week of February 27th to March 5th, 2017

Featured: Pile, Wall, Big Walnuts Yonder, Operator Music Band, Caddywhompus 

Further Listening: Be You Me, Bonny Doon, Sneaks, Damaged Bug, Thelma, Mothpuppy, A Deer A Horse, Alex G, Fern Mayo, Wire, Veiny Hands, Thurston Moore, Dion Lunadon, Sharkmuffin, Loose Tooth, Lunch Ladies, Cloak/Dagger, Keeping, The Funs, Six Organs of Admittance, Dreamdecay, Dehd, Gymshorts, Steady Lean, Beach Fossils, The Builders and The Butchers, Harmony Tividad, John Romano, Forth Wanderers, Lilith, The Flaming Lips, Kissing Is A Crime

Week of February 20th to February 26th, 2017

Featured: Datenight, Doug Tuttle, The Craters, Be You Me, Arc Flash

Further Listening: Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Buke & Gase, Speedy Ortiz, Palehound, Littler, Holy Motors, Pissed Jeans, Blank Square, Rays, Lunch Ladies, Kindling, UV-TV, At The Drive-In, Tonstarssbandht, Holy Sheboygan, Ride, Footings, Califone, Band Practice, King Woman, Retail Space, Century Palm, Mothpuppy, Emma Ruth Rundle & Jaye Jayle, Bleached, Health, Lily and Horn Horse, Mathew Lee Cothran, Edgar Clinks, Wild Pink

Week of February 13th to February 19th, 2017

Featured: Baked, The Cairo Gang, R. Ring, Drinks, CFM

Further Listening: Vagabon, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Paperhead, Aa, Parquet Courts (feat. Bun-B), Pissed Jeans, So Stressed, Meat Wave, Holy Motors, Dimples, Holy Sheboygan, Angel Olsen, A Place to Bury Strangers, King Woman, Eric Slick, Lunch Ladies, gobbinjr, Ben Grigg, Bilge Rat, Mount Eerie, Caitlin Pasko, The Whiffs, Raekwon, No Joy, Phife Dawg, Lily and Horn Horse, Mew, Minus The Bear

Week of February 6th to February 12th, 2017

Featured: Pile, Snakehole, Vundabar, The New Year, Booji Boys, Disco Doom

Further Listening: The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Spirit of the Beehive, Ty Segall, Patio, Thelma, Sun Organ, Pucker Up, Spew, The Black Angels, King Woman, Meatbodies, Annie Hardy, Alexander F, Hand Habits, A Deer A Horse, Run The Jewels, Blank Square, Ben Grigg, Palberta, Cold Beat, Aye Nako, Parlor Walls, Bilge Rat, Kaleidoscope, Yucky Duster, Mark Lanegan, Oozer, Six Organs of Admittance, Pow!, Val Hollie, Retail Space, The Spookfish, Century Palm, Califone, Jaye Jayle, Dehd, Merchandise, Amber Arcades, Vox and the Hound, Wild Pink, Amy Klein

Week of January 23rd to February 5th, 2017

Featured: Bad History Month, Caddywhompus, Baked, Once & Future Band, Tall Friend, Operator Music Band, Liquids, Thee Oh Sees, King Crimson, Bonny Doon, Vagabon, Parlor Walls, Alexander F, We Can All Be Sorry, Weed

Further Listening: Ty Segall, Meat Wave, Women, Obnox, Sneaks, So Stressed, Suuns, Wire, Omni, Guided By Voices, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Sleater-Kinney, Angel Olsen, Tim Darcy, Holy Sheboygan, Tonstartssbandht, Crystal Fairy, Mew Elliott Smith, Snail Mail, Oddisee, Jim and the French Vanilla, Band Practice, Parquet Courts, Meatbodies, DiCaprio, Kindling, Mastodon, Anderson .Paak, Family Scraps, Urochromes, Boss Hog, No Joy, L.A. Witch, Mount Eerie, King Woman, Emma Ruth Rundle, Lunch Ladies, Lilith, Los Angeles Police Department, Junius, Wren Kitz, The Proper Ornaments, Oceanator, Slothrust, Travis Trevisan, Dark Mtns, The Coathangers, PC Worship, Hand Habits, Raekwon, Mega Bog, Sharks' Teeth, Aquarian Blood, Gobbinjr, Railings, Beeef, Circus Devils, Moon Duo, Retail Space, Cal Fish, Poppies, Keeping, Glassine, Halfsour, Loose Tooth, Crywank, Entrance, Holy Motors, Bleached, Turn To Crime, Girl Scout, Citris

Week of January 16th to January 22nd, 2017

Featured: Ovlov, The Spirit of the Beehive, Baked, Plum Professional, Angel Olsen, Pinback

Further Listening: Tall Friend, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Priests, Ty Segall, Aquarian Blood, Parquet Courts, Feature, CUZ (feat. Killer Mike), Blank Square, "Battle Hymns", Uniform, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Damaged Bug, Mega Bog, Sleater-Kinney, Soundgarden, Palberta, Retail Space, Joey Bada$$, Cass McCombs, Boosegumps, Muuy Biien, Cal Fish, UNKLE, Pulled Apart By Horses, Lilith, Emma Ruth Rundle, Bardo Pond, Gun Control, LGHQ, Goon, Entrance, Slam Dunk, "Don't Stop Now", Japandroids

Week of January 2nd to January 15th, 2017

Featured: Pile, Rick Rude, Tall Friend, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Once & Future Band, Cate Le Bon, Mega Bog, Dirwin Magic Jansen, Bonny Doon, PC Worship

Further Listening: Complainer, Treadles, David Bowie, Angel Olsen, We Leave At Midnight, NxWorries, Boss Hog, Pill, IAN SWEET, Uniform, Tropical Skin Byrds, Dead Tenants, Drome, Yucky Duster, Jepeto Solutions, Elliott Smith, Cleo Tucker, Sleater-Kinney, Jim and the French Vanilla, Residuels, Loose Tooth, Palberta, Turn To Crime, The Flaming Lips, Eagle Daddy, Girl Scout, DUMP HIM, Pissed Jeans, Shark?, Slowdive, Rays, Urochromes, Priests, Hand Habits, Railings, POW!, Keeping, Mannequin Pussy, Cory Hanson, Iggy Pop, Thelma, Meat Wave, UV-TV, S.B.F., Century Palm, Very Fresh, Menace Beach, Entrance, Cherry Glazerr, Brandon Can't Dance, Imelda Marcos, Oceanator, Wild Pink, Crocodiles, Minus The Bear

Week of December 12th to January 1st, 2017

Featured: Nine Inch Nails, Rick Rude, Hung Toys, Uranium Club, MF DOOM & Madlib, Vagabon, Masta Killa (feat. Method Man & Redman), Yucky Duster, Meatbodies, The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman

Further Listening: Run The Jewels, Red Sea, Marching Church, Thelma, So Stressed, Freddy Beach, Doubting Thomas Cruise Control, Rebel Kind, Palberta, Cal Fish, Earring, Jim and the French Vanilla, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Oddisee, Juelz Santana (feat. Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Method Man & Redman), Mourn, Harmony Tividad, King Woman, Odonis Odonis, Wild Pink, Andrew Joseph Weaver, Antiphons, The Flaming Lips

Week of December 5th to December 11th, 2016

Featured: Baked, Stove, Yautja, At The Drive-In, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Hand Habits, Fern Mayo, New Fries, Mrs. Magician, Six Organs of Admittance

Further Listening: We Leave At Midnight, Leapling, Great Ytene, Mega Bog, Hundred Visions, Zula, Tropical Skin Byrds, Retail Space, Crystal Fairy, Yucky Duster, Ramp Local, DiCaprio, Moon Duo, Doomsday Student, Slanted, Sad13, Sam York, Carson Cox, & Austin Brown, Clique, Nikolas Escudero, Journalism

Week of November 28th to December 4th, 2016

Featured: Rick Rude, Once & Future Band, Tim Darcy, Paperhead, Permit, Uniform, Doomsday Student, Railings, Zula, Hellrazor

Further Listening: Stove, Pope, POW!, Alexander F, The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman, Ultimate Painting, AD.UL.T, Bichkraft, Cal Fish, Whelpwisher, Car Seat Headrest, Tape Deck Mountain, Preoccupations, Brunch, Wild Pink, The Huntress and Holder of Hands

Week of November 21st to November 27th, 2016

Featured: Stove, Rick Rude, Nine Of Swords, Bethlehem Steel, Lower Plenty, Creepoid, Creaturos, Plum Professional, We Leave At Midnight, Nelsonvillains

Further Listening: Breast Massage, Mark Sultan, Traindodge, The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman, Lost Boy ?, Caitlin Pasko, The Afghan Whigs, Health, Lou Barlow, Proper Ornaments

Week of November 14th to November 20th, 2016

Featured: Nine Of Swords, Uranium Club, Permit, Aa, Chavez, Nots, So Stressed, Urochromes, Sam York, Carson Cox & Austin Brown, Skydaddy

Further Listening: Meat Wave, Ty Segall, Deerhoof, Brandon Can't Dance, AD.UL.T, We Leave At Midnight, A Tribe Called Quest, The Microphones, Bush, Garden Centre, Black Mountain, Bichkraft, Very Fresh, Lilith, Pissed Jeans, Harmony Tividad, Menace Beach, Pulled Apart By Horses, Brunch, Mardou, Slothrust

Week of November 7th to November 13th, 2016

Featured: Washer, Thee Oh Sees, Leapling, Trace Mountains, Vagabon, Tredici Bacci, Littler, Cheena, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Laser Background

Further Listening: Lost Boy ?, ESP Ohio, A Tribe Called Quest, Black Lips, Nikolas Escudero, Kindling, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, The Flaming Lips, Sex Stains, Pulled Apart By Horses, Run The Jewels, Coaster, Squirrel Flower, Miracle Sweepstakes

Week of October 31st to November 6th, 2016

Featured: Fond Han, Hellrazor, Thelma, Leapling, Priests, Alexander F, Haybaby, Moon Duo, Bichkraft, Cherry Glazerr

Further Listening: Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Duchess Says, AD.UL.T, Chris Cohen, Doomsday Student, New Holland, Cloakroom, Permit, Mega Bog, Leggy, Very Fresh, Ex-Cult, The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman, Mark Sultan, Breast Massage, Sharks' Teeth, Sad13, Tiny Head, Japandroids, Pill Friends, Goon, Frank Weysos, Brunch, All Boy/All Girl, Kestrels

Week of October 24th to October 30th, 2016

Featured: Surface to Air Missive, Gobbinjr, TRAAMS, We Leave At Midnight, Frankie Cosmos, Lawn, Run The Jewels, Oozer, Mall Walk, Tyvek

Further Listening: The Blind Shake, Tony Molina, Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, Nocturnal Habits, Purling Hiss, Marching Church, Lost Boy ?, Thick, Casper Skulls, (New England) Patriots, Sad13, Hand Habits, Uniform, Cory Hanson, WTCHS, The Cradle, Thee Oh Sees, Soaker, Gemma, Amber Arcades, Holy Wave, Votaries, Holy Sons, This Becomes Us, Vanishing Life, Merchandise, Whores, State Champion, Pity Sex, Slothrust, Emilyn Brodsky, Dead Leaf Echo, Lou Barlow, Giant Claw

Week of October 17th to October 23rd, 2016

Featured: Leapling, Eric Schermerhorn, Big Business, Mannequin Pussy, Weaves, Really Big Pinecone, Flasher, CFM, Deerhoof, The Men

Further Listening: Surface to Air Missive, Nail Polish, Nocturnal Habits, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Hellrazor, Marching Church, Gland, Very Fresh, Kool Keith (feat. MF Doom), Forth Wanderers, New Holland, Mark Sultan, The Intended, David Bowie, Peeling, Danny & The Darleans, Sad13, Uranium Club, Title Tracks, Teen Suicide, Brunch, The Flaming Lips, Hidden Ritual, Odonis Odonis, Tyvek, All Boy/All Girl, Wing Dam, Dark Blue, Crocodiles, Merso, Crows, Puscifer, Frank Weysos

Week of October 10th to October 16th, 2016

Featured: Priests, Super Unison, Big Ups, Tredici Bacci (feat. Jennifer Charles), Hellrazor, Duchess Says, The Blind Shake, Axis: Sova, Doomsday Student, Soaker

Further Listening: True Widow, Future Death, Silt, Navy Gangs, Fake Limbs, Nail Polish, DiCaprio, Pill, Traams, Buck Gooter, Big K.R.I.T., Red Fang, Peeling, Male Bonding, Banned Books, J. Robbins, Pusha T, Shelf Life, Lou Barlow, Halfsour, Den-Mate, Coaster, Tape Deck Mountain, Floral Print, This Becomes Us, Nassau, Dead Leaf Echo, The Powder Room, Slothrust

Week of October 3rd to October 9th, 2016

Featured: Slip Disco, Really Big Pinecone, Greys, Sneaks, Aa, Uniform, J Mascis, Forth Wanderers, Nocturnal Habits, Crystal Fairy

Further Listening: A Giant Dog, Soundgarden, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Thee Oh Sees, Radiohead, Gobbinjr, Red Fang, Mannequin Pussy, Duchess Says, Le Butcherettes, Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, Safely Nobody's, Animal Lover, Snakehole, Jacuzzi Boys, Crocodiles, Menace Beach, K A G, Potty Mouth, Teen Suicide, Halfsour, Cool Ghouls, Casper Skulls, Votaries, Residuels, Cleo Tucker, Wild Pink, Night Idea, Emilyn Brodsky, Slothrust, Slow Mass, The Due DIligence

Week of September 26th to October 2nd, 2016

Featured: Pile, Peaer, Super Unison, Czarface, WALL, Warehouse, Oozing Wound, Fake Limbs, Fucked Up, Radiohead

Further Listening: Ultimate Painting, Deluxx Folk Implosion, Vanishing Life, Kerry Charles, Soft Fangs, Sam Evian, James Chance & The Contortions, Muuy Biien, Frank Weysos, Lou Barlow, Kestrels, Fake Palms, Lower Dens, Emma Ruth Rundle, Votaries

Week of September 19th to September 25th, 2016

Featured: This Becomes Us (feat. Billy Mason-Wood), Sweet Williams, Tredici Bacci (feat. JG Thirlwell), Axis: Sova, True Widow, LVL UP, Greys, Blessed, Thurston Moore, This Becomes Us (feat. Black Francis) 

Further Listening: Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, Christian Fitness, Tony Molina, Tongues, The Coathangers, Forth Wanderers, Treadles, Options, David Bowie, Sam Evian, White Lung, Peeling, Sad13, Fake Palms, Idiot Genes, The Royal They, Girl Tears, Dark Blue, The Powder Room, Vomitface, Holy Sons, Merchandise, Residuels, Cinemechanica, Emma Ruth Rundle, Never Young, Japanese Breakfast, Cloud Cover

Week of September 12th to September 18th, 2016

Featured: Kal Marks, Nocturnal Habits, Christian Fitness, The Men, Tony Molina, Really Big Pinecone, Left & Right, Dumb Numbers, Connections, Kim Gordon, Fond Han

Further Listening: Culture Abuse, Warehouse, Marching Church, Radiohead, Cross Country, Purling Hiss, Francie Moon, Deerhoof, Ex-Cult, Options, Morgan Delt, Damaged Bug, Sex Stains, Gobbinjr, Human People, LA Font, Emilyn Brodsky, Entrance, Lower Dens, Ben Grigg, Natural Child, The Royal They, Kenneth Whalum (feat. Big K.R.I.T.), Beck, The Blind Pets, Slothrust, Kestrels, Votaries, "It's Not As Bad As You Think: Songs From Tallahassee, FL, 2016", Goon, The Black Black, Tame Impala, Sat. Nite Duets

Week of September 5th to September 11th, 2016

Featured: Fond Han, Peaer, Melkbelly, Mannequin Pussy, ESP Ohio, Sun Organ, LVL UP, Surface To Air Missive, Gobbinjr, Thick

Further Listening: IAN SWEET, Christian Fitness, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Cross Country, Turnip King, The Cradle, Zach De La Rocha, Frankie Cosmos, Mrs. Magician, Francie Moon, Helms Alee, Red Fang, Painted Zeros, Kerry Charles, Dust From 1000 Yrs, Earl Sweatshirt, Merchandise, Idiot Genes, Halfsour, Puppy Problems, Preoccupations, DJ Khaled (feat. Nas), Harmony Tividad, Casper Skulls, Robot Princess, Slow Mass

Week of August 29th to September 4th, 2016

Featured: Animal Lover, Left & Right, IAN SWEET, Cross Country, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, True Widow, No Age, Fat Creeps, Thomas Quinttus, Ultimate Painting, J&L Defer

Further Listening: Francie Moon, Cherry Glazerr, Kerry Kallberg, Goblin Cock, Shell of a Shell, Deerhoof, Furnsss, The Notwist, Helms Alee, Nots, Wax Tailor (feat. Ghostface Killah), Lost Boy ?, Angel Olsen, Den-Mate, Action Bronson, Spit, David Bowie, Health, Sex Stains, Muuy Biien, Peeling, Dust From 1000 Yrs, Sam Evian, Chook Race, Goon, Emma Ruth Rundle, Adir L.C., The Royal They, Sneeze, Hypoluxo, Slow Mass, Sat. Nite Duets

Week of August 22nd to August 28th, 2016

Featured: J&L Defer, Christian Fitness, Fond Han, The Hecks, Warehouse, Angel Olsen, The Cradle, Violent Change, Shell of a Shell, Goblin Cock

Further Listening: Space Mountain, No Age, IAN SWEET, Turnip King, Thee Oh Sees, Noun, Zula, Horse Lords, Mothers, Psychic Heat, DJ Shadow (feat. Run The Jewels), Cleo Tucker, Muuy Biien, LA Font, Clearance, The Conquerors, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Beekeepers, Black Thumb, Porches, Dead Gaze, Sad13, Grape Room, Vomitface, Odonis Odonis, Power Animal (feat. Eskimeaux), Holy Sons, The '94 Knicks, Dekced 1988, Slow Mass

Week of August 15th to August 21st, 2016

Featured: Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes, IAN SWEET, Space Mountain, Mannequin Pussy, Animal Lover, LVL UP, Marching Church, Nina Ryser, Slanted, Multicult

Further Listening: Cold Pumas, Pill, Zula, Vexx, Kool Keith (feat. MF Doom), Dumb Numbers, Jack, Musk, Car Seat Headrest, Helms Alee, Preoccupations, Cory Hanson, Jacuzzi Boys, Clearance, Earl Sweatshirt, Sam Evian, Weaves, Fat White Family, Omni, Fake Palms, Black Thumb, The Gospel Truth, Cool Ghouls, The Funs, Idiot Genes, Calgrove, Goons, Never Young, Cinemechanica, Wing Dam, Bleached, Liam Betson, Slow Mass, Temple of the Dog

Week of August 8th to August 14th, 2016

Featured: Bueno, Peaer, Dark Mtns, Thee Oh Sees, Dust From 1000 Yrs, Operator Music Band, Fluff, Zula, Forth Wanderers, The Conquerors

Further Listening: Lost Boy ?, Dinosaur Jr., True Widow, Nots, Lié, Ben Grigg, The Channels, Left & Right, LA Font, JEFF The Brotherhood, Multicult, Martyn Lenoble and Christian Eigner (feat. Mark Lanegan), Kindling, Jack, Dead Gaze, Axis: Sova, Darkturn, Teen Suicide, Mongoloid, Porches, Sex Stains, Slothrust, Girls Tears, Sharks' Teeth, Public Eye, Eyes of Love, Eric Slick, Amber Arcades, Law$uits, Tongues, All Boy/All Girl, Wing Dam, Liam Betson, What Moon Things, Watsky (feat. Mal Devisa)

Week of August 1st to August 7th, 2016

Featured: Fond Han, Stove, Arab on Radar, Protomartyr, Purling Hiss, Cheena, Lost Boy ?, Nina Ryser, Animal Lover, The Numerators

Further Listening: Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes, Goblin Cock, Turnip King, Pill, "Start Your Own Fucking Show Space", Warthog, Lithuania, Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, Ex-Cult, Morgan Delt, Clearance, JEFF The Brotherhood, Wei Zhongle, Idiot Genes, Dumb Numbers, Mail The Horse, Cool Ghouls, Duchess Says, Pleather, Crocodiles, Vomitface, Psychic Ills, Eyes of Love, Nomad Stones, Sat. Nite Duets

Week of July 25th to July 31st, 2016

Featured: Krill, J&L Defer, Fern Mayo, Bueno, Space Mountain, Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes, Opposite Sex, Helvetia, Ty Segall, Dinosaur Jr. 

Further Listening: Helms Alee, Glueboy, Nots, Head Wound City, Frankie Cosmos, Musk, IAN SWEET, ESP Ohio, Cellular Chaos, Video Age, Kindling, JEFF The Brotherhood, Ex-Cult, Rye Pines, Blonde Redhead, Deerhoof, The Channels, Emma Ruth Rundle, Creative Adult, Sharks' Teeth, The Conquerors, Mail The Horse, Crosslegged, Shilpa Ray, Vomitface, Foozle, Supermoon, SAVAK, Downtown Boys, Japanese Breakfast, Mass Gothic, Slow Mass, Liam Betson

Week of July 18th to July 24th, 2016

Featured: Stove, Animal Lover, Left & Right, Screaming Females, Connections, Milked, JEFF The Brotherhood, True Widow, Rips, Sex Stains

Further Listening: Vincent Vocoder Voice, Swampers, Metz, Car Seat Headrest, Good Throb, Toby Coke, Merchandise, Wei Zhongle, John Congleton & The Nighty Nite, Teen Suicide, Natural Child, Honey Radar, Chook Race, Heavy Drag, Slothrust, Sere, Harmony Tividad, Jenn Champion, The Cult of Dom Keller

Week of July 11th to July 17th, 2016

Featured: J&L Defer, The Channels, LVL UP, Horse Jumper of Love, Red Fang, Happy Diving, Zula, Pill, Sweet Williams, Mothers

Further Listening: Morgan Delt, Sleepies, Connections, Lié, Ty Segall, Parquet Courts, Sleeping Beauties, Guerilla Toss, DiCaprio, June Gloom, Joanna Gruesome, The Lentils, Littler, The Conquerors, Terry, Heliotropes, Nina Ryser, Thee Oh Sees, Wildhoney, Multicult, Crown Larks, Luggage, Trust Punks, SUPERTEEN, Pure Disgust, Disposable America, Shores, White Pisces, Cool Ghouls, Preoccupations, PJ Harvey, Mass Gothic, Heavy Drag, Ultimate Painting, Toby Coke, Cinemechanica, Entrance, Gay Sin, Dumb Numbers, Wing Dam, Cloud Cover, Yeesh, Sneeze

Week of July 4th to July 10th, 2016

Featured: Bueno, Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes, Musk, Sleepies, Goblin Cock, Warehouse, Courtney Barnett, Night Witch, Big Man, Sharks' Teeth

Further Listening: Boris, Cheena, Opposite Sex, Suuns, CCR Headcleaner, Creative Adult, Crocodiles, Soft Fangs, Cigarette, Scott & Charlene's Wedding, Littler, Retired, Birth (Defects), Bested, Clean Girls / Jail Solidarity, Vomitface, Community College

Week of June 27th to July 3rd, 2016

Featured: Angel Olsen, Thee Oh Sees, Melvins, Parquet Courts, Freind, Sleeper Key, Turnip King, Future Biff / Milked, Snail Mail, Buck Gooter

Further Listening: Big Business, Happy Diving, IAN SWEET, GØGGS, Pill, Lié, Video Age, Omni, Chain & The Gang, Heliotropes, Porches, Bloody Knives, Fits / Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes, Tiergarten, GZA, The Lunchtime Sardine Club, R.L. Kelly, Extra Medium Pony, Sat. Nite Duets, Nomad Stones, The Cult of Dom Keller, Total Slacker

Week of June 20th to June 26th, 2016

Featured: Nots, Happy Diving, Helms Alee, Deerhoof, June Gloom, Fits, Big Business, JJ Doll, Big Neck Police, Girl Band

Further Listening: Jackal Onasis, Dinosaur Jr., Ex-Cult, Chalk, The Coathangers, VHS, Omni, Creative Adult, Kindling, Comet Control, VATS, Foozle, Heaters, Sere, Primetime, The Lees of Memory, Heavy Drag, Nassau, All People, Japanese Breakfast

Week of June 13th to June 19th, 2016

Featured: Bueno, Petite League, Melkbelly, Jackal Onasis, The Hecks, Boris, IAN SWEET, Lightning Bolt, Blonde Redhead, Spook The Herd

Further Listening: Weaves, No Joy, VHS, G.L.O.S.S., Preoccupations, Terry, Sam Evian, Grape Room, Toby Coke, Creek Beds, Littler, Tiergarten, Lea, Vomitface, Natural Child, Pink Mexico, Parakeet, Comet Control, The Blind Pets, Antiphons, Night School, Dumb Numbers, Coaches, Yeesh

Week of June 6th to June 12th, 2016

Featured: Future Biff, Leapling, WALL, Fond Han, Morgan Delt, Video Age, Big Neck Police, Palehound, Weaves, The Black Sparks

Further Listening: Spook The Herd, GØGGS, Thee Oh Sees, The Craters, Museyroom, Deerhoof, Psychic Heat, Cheena, The Stone Roses, Hellrazor, Muuy Biien, Eagulls, Courtney Barnett, In School, The Gotobeds, Wimps, Ben Grigg, Mail The Horse, Wei Zhongle, Iggy Pop, Sam Coomes, Less Win, Toupée, Comet Control, Pink Mexico, Borzoi, Odonis Odonis, Milo+Stove, Merchandise, The Cult of Dom Keller, Lithuania, Heavy Drag

Week of May 30th to June 5th, 2016

Featured: Palm, Pudge, Jackal Onasis, Cough, Skatebored, Pill, Melvins, Spook The Herd, Whelpwisher, Big Business

Further Listening: Wand, Dinosaur Jr., The Beach Boys, Chris Cohen, Blonde Redhead, Angel Olsen, The Gotobeds, James Arthur's Manhunt, Elvis Depressedly, Yucky Duster, Useless Eaters, Terry, Cool Ghouls, Heliotropes, Earring, Mourn, Tiergarten, Psychic Ills, Honeyuck, Fake Palms, Beck, Sat. Nite Duets, PJ Harvey, Kiss Concert

Week of May 23rd to May 29th, 2016

Featured: Dinosaur Jr., Leapling, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Thee Oh Sees, The Craters, Dories, Mothers, Omni, Weaves, VHS

Further Listening: Bambara, Ty Segall, Deerhoof, Cottaging, Speedy Ortiz, US Weekly, Soft Fangs, Walter Schreifels, Guerilla Toss, Brenda's Friend, Clique, Furnsss, No Joy, CE Schneider Topical, Mourn, Dion Lunadon, Fat White Family, Hooded Fang, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, Scroll Downers, Trust Punks, Ben Grigg, Yucky Duster, Boyfrndz, Pink Mexico, Summer Cannibals, ORB, My Disco, Swans, Sheer Mag, Night School, Pylon, Jeff Zagers, Mumblr

Week of May 16th to May 22nd, 2016

Featured: Big Business, Operator Music Band, US Weekly, Blessed, Gun Outfit, Helvetia, Psychic Heat, Strawberry Milk, Cottaging, Le Butcherettes

Further Listening: Petite League, Dories, Cough, Mrs. Magician, Guerilla Toss, Sun Organ, The City & I, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Post Pink, Deerhoof, Nomad Stones, Celebration Guns, Psychic Teens, The Gotobeds, Supermoon, Mind Spiders, The Coathangers, Mourn, A Giant Dog, Andy C. Johnson, Birth (Defects), Psychic Ills, Trust Punks, Heliotropes, Brenda's Friend, CLIQUE, Gobbinjr, Banks & Steelz, Odonis Odonis, Japanese Breakfast, Charly Bliss

Week of May 9th to May 15th, 2016

Featured: Jackal Onasis, Melvins, Boris, Big Heet, Petite League, Turnip King, Thee Oh Sees, Speedy Ortiz, Head Wound City, Supermoon

Further Listening: The Numerators, Mrs. Magician, Eagulls, The Moving Pictures, Culture Abuse, Elvis Depressedly, Garden Centre, Lungfish, Hooded Fang, Cat Be Damned, Psychic Teens, Tiergarten, Parlor Walls, Greys, Yucky Duster, Mail The Horse, What Moon Things, Cadet Kelly, Iggy Pop, Porches, Naps, Yikes, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, Yeesh, All People, Boyfrndz, The Cult of Dom Keller, Laser Background, Journalism, The Stone Roses, Mudcrutch

Week of May 2nd to May 8th, 2016

Featured: Leapling, Radiohead, GØGGS, Ought, Weaves, Rozwell Kid, Solids, CE Schneider Topical, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Brenda's Friend

Further Listening: Arbor Labor Union, Pinkwash, The Numerators, Garden Centre, Heaters, J. Robbins, A Giant Dog, Ben Grigg, ORB, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Scroll Downers, Cat Be Damned, Black Norse, Big Mess, Deerhunter, White Lung, Conrad Keely, Yuck, The Hunches, Mudcrutch, Night School, United Fruit, Yikes, And The Kids, All People, Mountains and Rainbows

Week of April 25th to May 1st, 2016

Featured: Bambara, Cold Pumas, Mrs. Magician, Blessed, Cough, Arbor Labor Union, Lady Bones, Florist, Hooded Fang, Wrong

Further Listening: Animal Faces, Horse Lords, Haybaby, USA Nails, Angry Angles, Bichkraft, The Hunches, Summer Cannibals, Scott & Charlene's Wedding, The Gotobeds, Bad Breeding, Tomorrow Tulips, Psychic Heat, King Khan, Terry, All People, Night Idea, Psychic Teens, Iggy Pop, Mountains and Rainbows, Male Gaze, Sonic Youth, Vishnu Basement, Miserable, Odonis Odonis, Greys, Black Helicopter, White Lung, Dal Niente & Deerhoof, Sneeze

Week of April 18th to April 24th, 2016

Featured: Stove, Animal Faces, Deerhoof, Patio, The Numerators, Guerilla Toss, Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, Watery Love, VHS, Julian

Further Listening: A Tribute to Pet Sounds, Bad Breeding, Elvis Depressedly, Gland, Car Seat Headrest, Littler, Crosss, Museyroom, Psychic Teens, Honey, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Beliefs, Death From Above 1979, Gemma, Ultimate Painting, Psychic Ills, Boyfrndz, Casper Skulls, Pony Time, Frail, Teen Suicide, Soup Moat, Savages

Week of April 11th to April 17th, 2016

Featured: Leapling, Metz & Swami John Reis, Petite League, Hovvdy, Horse Lords, Weaves, Guided By Voices, All People, Haybaby, Pinkwash

Further Listening: Lady Bones, Mrs. Magician, Supermoon, Earring, Bad Breeding, Wire, Deftones, Flasher, Eskimeaux, Palehound, Parquet Courts, Car Seat Headrest, Spray Paint, Head Wound City, Suuns, The Flaming Lips, PJ Harvey, The Blind Pets, The Coathangers, Greys, Honey, Big Hush, Holy Wave, Harmony Tividad, Nothing, Youth In Bloom, Dal Niente & Deerhoof, Writer, Pity Sex

Week of April 4th to April 10th, 2016

Featured: Future of the Left, Lady Bones, Deftones, Culture Abuse, Solids, Bethlehem Steel, Blessed, Polonium, Night Beats, Gland

Further Listening: Parquet Courts, Useless Eaters, Mothers, Autolux, Psychic Heat, Honey, SAVAK, David Bowie, The Coathangers, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Leggy, Institute, Suuns, Eagulls, Rob Crow's Gloomy Place, Boyfrndz, Kids Having Kids, Summer Cannibals, Melvins, PJ Harvey, Celebration Guns, Porches, Yucky Duster, And The Kids, The Lees of Memory, Laser Background, Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas, Swans