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Fuzzy Meadows: The Week's Best New Music (April 2nd - April 8th)

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by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Welcome to FUZZY MEADOWS, our weekly recap of this week's new music. We're sharing our favorite releases of the week in the form of albums, singles, and music videos along with the "further listening" section of new and notable releases from around the web. It's generally written in the early hours of the morning and semi-unedited... but full of love and heart. The list is in alphabetical order and we sincerely recommend checking out all the music we've included. There's a lot of great new music being released. Support the bands you love. Spread the word and buy some new music.

*Disclaimer: We are making a conscious effort not to include any artist in our countdown on back-to-back weeks in order to diversify the feature, so be sure to check the "further listening" as well because it's often of top-notch quality too.


We try to be conscious about including the same artists week after week, but if there was a better song released this past week than Christian Fitness' new single, "Hamsterland," we haven't heard it. The third single from the upcoming Nuance, The Musical, could be one of our favorite songs Andrew Falkous has released in nearly a decade. Opening with a blaring alarm blast of guitar distortion, the song peels forward into a stampeding rhythm, setting a rather epic tone for Falco's sarcastic lyrics. Opting for a soft and melodic vocal approach to juxtapose the thick embrace of the guitars and forward marching procession, the song gently plows down everything in sight, lyrics as sharp as the wall of sound is dense.

THE COATHANGERS | "Gettin' Mad And Pumpin' Iron"

The trajectory of The Coathangers is nothing short of inspiring. From their origins as a house party band to their recent status as one of garage rock's absolute best, they have maintained a ferocious live energy that's a constant ball of punk inspired fun. After thirteen years spent perpetually on tour, the trio will release their first live album, conveniently titled Live, this June, a document that captures the band ripping through a career spanning set. "Gettin' Mad And Pumpin' Iron," a song from the band's sophomore album Scramble, sounds even more youthful played nine years later, the live recording built on the rough aggression and clamoring fury of the original, with the blistering sense of pop the band has embraced in recent years adding to the strength of the hooks, even at their dirtiest.

GOBBINJR | "Afraid Of Me"

gobbinjr is among an elite group of pop songwriters, the type that create songs the wiggle their way into your head, forever and unshakably engrained there for the rest of time. While Emma Witmer's songs often revolve around anxiety, falling apart, and everyday tragedies, their music is always radiant and clever. Set to release their new album Ocala Wick in June via Topshelf Records, the first single "Afraid of Me" presents gobbinjr in all their hooky glory. It's somber yet uplifting, infectious and well-constructed... and dammit, there's a big kazoo melody in the bridge. It's the most fun you're ever going to have from what is essentially a sad song. We can't wait to hear this record. 

MOURN | "Barcelona City Tour"

Mourn, everyone's favorite high school aged Spanish rock band, have been making great albums since their much buzzed about self-titled album. While that record seemed to embrace influences that primarily included PJ Harvey's early 90's output, their sophomore album, Ha Ha He, took a youthful approach to more tangled territory, opting instead for math rock wonkiness. Turns out, they were pretty adept at both sounds. With "Barcelona City Tour," the first single from album no. three, Sorpresa Familia, the band seem to be heading deeper into hypnotic post-punk. Now in their early 20's, their latest is full of aggression due to some less than ideal music industry experiences, and the band are ready to retaliate, with hand-claps and gang shouted vocals, "they can't let you in, they can't kick you out". It's a ripper, full of fury and an undeniable sense of enjoyment at the same time.

NOVA ONE | "Your Girl"

Following the unfortunate hiatus of experimental pop band Roz & The Rice Cakes, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Roz Raskin isn't wasting any time. Set to release a solo album as Nova One this June via Community Records, the first single "Your Girl" is a beautifully sarcastic piece of dream pop wonder. The vocals take a brilliant look at terrible behavior, sweetly singing with a deceptive bite, "when you slam the door, it really turns me on / i just wanna be your girl / when you shout so loud, all i want to do is come right now". The song raves up in the hooks, digging further into the warm fuzz of the 60's AM gold vibe, embracing the sound and expanding on it with washes of noise pop that drift in and out like apparitions of a time once beautiful. 

PALBERTA | "Roach Goin' Down"

Avant-punk heroes Palberta continue to get better with every passing release, taking everything that makes them amazing and expanding upon it, often becoming simultaneously more accessible and discernibly stranger. In the year that has passed since their last record, the members have kept themselves busy with a multitude of projects including the amazing sludge noise of Shimmer and the bizarre-pop mastery of Lily & Horn Horse. On Roach Goin’ Down, their second effort for Wharf Cat Records, the trio are pulling themselves slowly in the pop direction. The band do it on their own discordant and brilliantly disjointed terms though, as evident by the album's title-track, weaving non-conventional hooks with every twist and howl, twitching between skronky melodies and fractured rhythms with an experimental grace.

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