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Discus (mems Varsity, Pool Holograph, Clearance) - "One Step" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

One small step for Discus, one giant leap for humankind. All bad jokes aside, "One Step" is the debut single from Chicago jangle pop band Discus, a new band from Jake Stolz (Varsity, Pool Holograph), another drummer stepping out to do some songwriting. Turns out a good drummer really can do it all. Joined by Paul Stolz (Varsity, Pool Holograph), Dylan Weschler (Varsity), and Arthur Velez (Clearance), the band are getting ready to release their debut EP this summer via Middle Distance Records, and "One Step" is certain to leave you salivating for more.

Recorded in the Stolz's childhood home with Chicago engineer Dave Vettraino (NE-HI, Melkbelly, Varsity), eases itself into being before really taking off and out of this stratosphere by the song's outro. It's warm and fuzzy in a comforting way, Stolz's voice feeling familiar but never derivative as he folds earworms into songs wavering corners.

Speaking about the track, Stolz shared:

"I initially wrote "One Step" last Fall in response to a short story I was inspired by. I don't read all that often and so it felt really incredible to have a personal experience with a story and then create something that tied it in with my own reality. In essence I wanted to create a mantra that would propel me to some higher spiritual realm. But as I sat with the lyrics a bit more I started to realize that they carried a plastic, SparkNotes-y vibe that really turned me off on the whole song. I have let a lot of songs fizzle out because I didn't trust the lyrics. This time around I decided that I couldn't let the song die for whatever reason.

So here I am embracing the purity and shallow nature of my first ever short story reading. Listen to this song and think about that one kid in high school who had no idea what was going on in The Stranger but still claimed it was his favorite book."