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Fuzzy Meadows: The Week's Best New Music (November 28th - January 1st)

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Welcome to FUZZY MEADOWS, our weekly recap of this week's new music. We're sharing our top ten favorite releases of the week in the form of albums, singles, and music videos along with the "further listening" section of new and notable releases from around the web. It's generally poorly written and totally unedited... but full love of heart. The number rankings are fairly arbitrary and we sincerely recommend checking out all the music included in this feature. There's a lot of great music being released. Support the bands you love. Spread the word and buy some new music. *Disclaimer: We are making a conscious effort not to include any artist in the top ten on back-to-back weeks in order to diversify the feature, so be sure to check the "further listening" as well because it's often "top ten" quality too.

1. RICK RUDE | "Ow For Now"

New Hampshire's Rick Rude announced the upcoming Make Mine Tuesday album with "Mauve Talk," a twitchy mantra that simply shreds and shreds. It's a great song, but perhaps not the best representation of the album as a whole due to the album's shimmering diversity. "Ow For Now," the album's second single is lead by Jordan Holtz (bass/vocals), a somber song of winding indie rock with impeccable fluid rhythms. I've said this record will be one of 2017's best, and despite the fact that it's not even January as I write this, I have no doubt about it. RIck Rude have created an album that is simultaneously fun yet deeply personal, an album that runs from jagged math rock to eerie folk and all that lies between, balanced on Holtz and Ben Troy (guitar/vocals)'s nuanced songwriting. "Ow For Now" is one of the many stand-outs, an empowering song with knotted arrangements and tangled melodies, led by Holtz’s vocals that pull between strength and wishful longing. As Holtz sings of her brittle bones, the songs casually twists and turns, stuttering in time with her acceptance and sacrifice.

2. ONCE & FUTURE BAND | "How Does It Make You Feel?"

Over the past few decades we've experienced a lot of influence from the 70's rock, ranging from fuzzy stoner metal, garage punk, psychedelic pop, and of course big ol' stadium rock... but what about prog? Where are the bands influenced by Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, or even King Crimson? Sure, it's a bold choice, but when done right, the progressive world of symphonic pop is pretty damn limitless. Once & Future Band understand this and on the first single from their upcoming Castle Face Records debut, they prove capable of capturing the best moments of a genre long since forgotten. Blasting out the gate, "How Does It Make You Feel?," digs deep into a magical world of unbelievable musicianship, dynamic structures, shifting rhythms, and swooning pop melodies. The combination is glorious... something like hearing "Close to the Edge" again, for the first time. This song really captures the spontaneous energy and brilliant composition of the prog legends with a youthful focus and glistening resolve. I cannot wait to hear this album.

3. TIM DARCY | "Tall Glass Of Water"

Ought frontman Tim Darcy is set to release his first solo album, Saturday Night, in February and first single "Tall Glass of Water" shares much of the same charm as his band's best material. Trading Ought's complex art-pop progressions for a more simplistic garage rock framework, the song pays focus to Darcy's contemplative lyrics and dizzying vocal inflections. He bounces around with the type of sharp wit and lyrical chaos, narrating anxious thoughts as the tempo moves from a rapid tumble into a slow churn and eventual choral finale. It's an intriguing first look into Darcy's solo record from an artist who has built his reputation on being intriguing.

4. PAPERHEAD | "Dama De Lavanda”

Paperhead (or The Paperhead, whichever they might currently be known as) are set to release their next album, Chew, in February via Trouble In Mind Records, and the Nashville psych pop band's first single "Dama de Lavanda" seems to pick up where the triumphant Africa Avenue left off. The trio are once again channeling the psych pop of the 60's in their own warped wonder, taking soft melodies and reshaping them with the utmost conviction. "Dama De Lavanda" offers a jazzy odyssey into their usual psych with shuffling rhythms and vibrant trumpets that give the song a cinematic spaghetti western feel. It's lush and filled with an unshakable attention to detail that works perfectly for Paperhead's warm escapism.

5. PERMIT | "Vol. 1" EP

Bloomington, IN duo Permit's debut is a non-stop ripper of balled energy and fuzzy punk songs that all run under the two minute mark. It's short, exciting, and bursting with a reckless power-pop center. Built on rattled tempos and blistering leads, the duo's sweet lo-fi punk jams are resonant as they dig deep into syrupy melodies and mangled hooks. The band describes the project with the statement "think Thin Lizzy, but twice as fast," and well... it's pretty apt. There's stinging distortion, loose vocals, crackling production, and tight rhythms, but it's the colorful guitar lines that really make the EP shine. Just listen to the avalanche of "Track #5," a sarcastic garage punk anthem that dives in headfirst before darts around like a ragged caged animal ready to burst from it's crate.

6. UNIFORM | "Tabloid"

It's only been about two months since Brooklyn's Uniform released the impenetrable Ghosthouse EP but the band's sophomore album, Wake In Fright is set for release in late January. If lead single "Tabloid" is anything to go by (and it usually is), it looks as though the duo will continue to get ever darker and increasingly deranged. A formal response to our current times, Uniform are channeling the chaos and destruction that has run rampant in every day life, embracing it with a brutal mix of noise rock, industrial punk, and a harsh abandonment of melody. It's dirty and unapologetic and scrapes from the bottom of the barrel in the most abrasive way possible. Let your tension subside, Uniform are hear to welcome the apocalypse.

7. DOOMSDAY STUDENT | "A Self-Help Tragedy" LP

Providence, RI has a long and proud tradition of music that bridges brilliance and utter insanity and in the past six year no one has carried the torch quite like Doomsday Student. Comprised of former members of the legendary Arab On Radar and Chinese Stars, Doomsday Student take the demented and tweak into orbit with squawking guitars, clamoring rhythms and a diabolical density that makes their latest album, A Self-Help Tragedy, feel like a claustrophobic trip into psychosis. The record is dark and agitated, built on yelps of tangled guitars and piercing shifts of distorted noise with the band's signature manic vocal howls leading the way. The tension mounts (and mounts) as the band's kinetic detachment is dragged through the sludge. There is no release. There is no sense of catharsis. It's sick and twisted in the best of ways, like a carnival nightmare... but in the end everyone gets ice cream. Feeling depraved? Let Doomsday Student scratch that itch.

8. RAILINGS | "Breaking The Bong"

Railings are not your typical band. The Brooklyn quartet have built a vast and boisterous sound, one that glimmers with retro R&B and surging progressive tendencies, a sound that is simultaneously brilliant, over the top, and undeniably "free". It's crooning pop ballads, polished psych head-trips, and sleazy funk... all compressed into their unique hyper color world of blown out soul... and with all that said, Railings remain an experience you truly need to hear to believe. "Breaking The Bong," the first single from the band's upcoming full length debut is comprised of a funk groove and an impassioned croon, soaring in with sweeping melodies and a lo-fi fluorescence. The smoothly howled vocals and layered synths hint at something retro or at least a futuristic perception of what retro is... or what it could have been. Railings bridge the gaps between disco's seedy underbelly and glam-tinged prog rock.

9. ZULA | "Forced Hands"

Brooklyn's Zula are a band that have immersed themselves in the world of experimental psychedelic pop, blending together their own unique mix of funk, soul, indie rock, afrobeat, dream pop and krautrock. The quartet's sound is always alive and undeniably vibrant (as seen on the recently released Grasshopper LP) and "Forced Hands" is no exception. Taken from Ramp Local's Eclectic Sessions Vol. 2, compilation tracks are often seen as "scraps" but Zula have rarely sounded better. "Forced Hands" finds the band skipping from one idea to the next, a crash course in all they are capable of and the results are jaw dropping. With the tightest rhythm section in "the game" the polyrhythmic groove lays a stunning framework for the Terepka cousins (Henry and Nate) to wander and explore, layer and repeat, and spin off into more blissful atmospheres. It's quintessential Zula, a band forever progressing forward with infinitely shapeshifting possibilities.

10. HELLRAZOR | "Raise Your Rifle"

We already told you how much we love Hellrazor's Satan Smile record and the more we listen to it, that only becomes more evident. Take "Raise Your Rifle" and it's music video for example: the song is subdued as it rides Michael Falcone's bleak melody. The guitars chime and the rhythm pushes the momentum forward, but there's a detached sensibility to it, a calming resolve of dissonant indifference. The video captures a similar vibe as the band and their pals enjoy a somewhat bleak day at the carnival. It's as much fun as it is dangerous (and a bit mysterious at times) and it's sure to leave an impression one way or another.


STOVE "I'd Walk A Mile For A Camel | POPE "Gym Birds (Thermos Version)" | POW! "Necessary Call" | ALEXANDER F "Soft Coffins" | THE ADVENTURES OF THE SILVER SPACEMAN "Bare Bones II: Electric Earth" EP | ULTIMATE PAINTING "Monday Morning, Somewhere Central" | AD.UL.T "No, Thank You" EP | BICHKRAFT "George" | CAL FISH "Swept And Thin" | WHELPWISHER "King of Quitters" | CAR SEAT HEADREST "Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales" | TAPE DECK MOUNTAIN "I Will Break U" | PREOCCUPATIONS "Memory" | BRUNCH "Hate" | WILD PINK "Great Apes" | THE HUNTRESS AND HOLDER OF HANDS "Creatures In Flight"

1. BAKED | "Midnight Junkie"

It's been a long time coming... but Baked are back!! Set to release their sophomore album Farnham on February 24th, the Brooklyn based quintet shared “Midnight Junkie,” the first single from their upcoming record. A lot has changed since the release of Debt including members and an evolution in their sound. RJ Gordon, Isabella Mingione, and Jeremy Aquilino return to their hazy roots of stoned and fuzzy classic rock together with new additions Steve Hartlett (Ovlov/Stove) and AJ Pantaleo (Bueno) rounding out the band. “Midnight Junkie,” the album’s first single starts with an epic burst of guitars and a relaxed melody. It’s a dense storm from the very start but the vibes are most definitely chilled way out. Gordon’s low voice and slowly drawn out vocals offer the perfect syrupy thick melody for the song’s deceptively twangy guitars. As he sings “I can hardly believe, I’m really nowhere. What a dream come true,” there’s a peaceful sense to it all, a comfort in isolation. Just as the calm begins to settle into dreamy territory the band do what they do best with a corrosive guitar solo that’d make Neil Young blush.

2. STOVE | "Is The Meat That Fell Out" EP

Is The Meat That Fell Out travels a similar path to Is A Toad In The Rain, showing a different side of Stove, with lo-fi bedroom pop influences and a gentler disposition that recalls classic songwriters of decades past while remaining uniquely Stove. With over fifty new songs written for the band's upcoming sophomore full length, the band were eager to share new material and thus the pair of EPs was born. The quartet fleshed out ideas together with each member of the band adding their own contributions to songwriting and expansive instrumentation that goes beyond their standard guitars, bass, and drums. Once again, Stove take the opportunity to work with friends, joined by Devin McKnight (Speedy Ortiz, Grass Is Green), Tim Cheney (IAN SWEET), and Damien Scalise (IAN SWEET, Sun Young). Stove is an ever evolving and unpredictable project, and Is The Meat That Fell Out further blurs any preconceived notion of the band’s direction while hooking you with the impossibly catchy "The Meat" and the downtrodden pop of "Blank".

3. YAUTJA | "Audiotree Live Session"

I'll be damned if Nashville's Yautja aren't the best (or at least most interesting) young metal band in the world. They've proven it in the studio on albums Songs of Lament and Songs of Decent, and if you've ever had the pleasure of catching them live, well then you already know they absolutely obliterate with jaw dropping precision and skull crushing density. Thanks to the band's recent Audiotree session, you can watch Yautja live from the comfort of your home, witnessing the incredible force and unbelievable dynamic technicality over and over again. Yautja are always progressing, pushing forward like a steamroller one moment and hopping around nimbly the next, favoring unpredictable shifts and spastic bursts without warning. If you're into heavier music, consider this required viewing.

4. AT THE DRIVE-IN | "Governed by Contagions"

Sixteen years ago it seemed as though At The Drive-In and their unnerving post-hardcore opus Relationship of Command was destined to make them one of the biggest bands in the world, and for a brief time it did... but the band soon collapsed and went on indefinite hiatus. Since then the members have stayed busy with other projects (which we won't mention here because that's not what this is about) but following a reunion and a promise of a new record, ATDI released it's first new single since their 2000 classic. It would be understandable if the song wasn't very good, it's hard to recapture the energy the band flourished off of all these years later, but to our pleasant surprise, "Governed by Contagions" is solid ATDI. While the band are missing founding member Jim Ward, they do a great job of recreating the manic polyrhythmic fury of their past and we're eager to hear where they go from here.

5. THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN | "Amputation"

Similar to ATDI, it's been a long time since The Jesus & Mary Chain released new music, the difference here however is that I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that JAMC would continue to offer their signature sound at its best. Having been able to see the band several times in the past decade, its apparent that their lo-fi shoegaze/garage pop sound is as vital today as it ever was. Thankfully, "Amputation" picks up where Munki left off (eighteen years ago), blending the band's sharp lyrical detachment, swirling noise, and jangly pop splendor. Sure, the band aren't breaking new ground, but I don't see that as a bad thing. Let JAMC be JAMC and you will never be disappointed. The Reid brothers have returned and they sound absolutely brilliant.

6. HAND HABITS | "Flower Glass"

Meg Duffy, better know as Hand Habits' new record Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) is one of our most anticipated albums of these winter months, a warm blanket of gorgeous songwriting and gentle delivery. Second single "Flower Glass" adds a dreamy element to the list, a perfect atmosphere for Duffy's slow yet breezy folk. Like watching time pass or the snow fall, there's a undeniable beauty in her voice, a balance between love and caution, a longing for eternal love while knowing all things are fleeting. If you like swooning pop that you can melt into, look no further.

7. FERN MAYO | "New Ketamine"

Earlier this summer Fern Mayo released the extraordinary Hex Signs EP, a tangled stampede of indie punk that borrows as much from math rock and post-hardcore as it does from pop and Katie Capri's earnest songwriting. In celebration of the EP's cassette release on Sad Cactus Records, the band are sharing a video for "New Ketamine," the record's wild centerpiece. Much like the song's unpredictable structures, the video captures the glowing shifts in swatches and patterns of bright lights and vivid colors. The song unwinds into a downward spiral of shifting time signatures and tempos as the video brilliantly keeps the pace, twitching and popping together with the band's incredibly intricate single.


I'm late to the majesty that is Toronto's New Fries, but consider me enamored. The band's blend of no-wave, dance punk, and hypnotic noise pop is as abrasive as it is fully realized. As the band layer on howling synths, scathing guitars, and jagged beats, the underlying groove remains the focus, never to be denied or buried. Even as "JZIII" works to create a cacophony of hyperactive layered art-pop, it's the funky bass line's impenetrable backbone that sets the tone, keeping everything in place and allowing for a perfect freeform dissonance. The animated video is the perfect accompaniment in every way, starring "the band" (an owl-like creature on drums, a "koosh" ball looking person on bass, a mop-topped bird like thing on guitar, and of course a chair... on keys), New Fries' animated personas perform to an array of tomato like beings... and that's only the beginning as they begin to flip through the channels. It's wacky, weird, and oh so perfect.

9. MRS. MAGICIAN | "You'll Fall In Love"

San Diego's Mrs. Magician have been releasing shimmering surf pop with a dark side for the better part of a decade. On new single "You'll Fall In Love" though, that dark side has been wiped clean, and we're left with an optimistic power-pop song... or so it might seem. That usual sun soaked coloring is still bleak though as Jacob Turnbloom sings, "like a garbage bag, trash keeps piling up." The song, "You'll Fall In Love" comes from a new 7" single, fresh off the heels of the band's sophomore record, Bermuda. It would seem Mrs. Magician's incredible hot streak continues with no end in sight.

10. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE | "Taken By Ascent"

You never quite know what you're going to get from Ben Chasny's Six Organs of Admittance, but you can bet it will be interesting at its worst. "Taken By Ascent," the first single from the project's upcoming Burning The Threshold opens with a dusty desert groove reminiscent of Kyuss at their most laid back, a stoned ride through the arid and desolate space. The seven plus minute song is constructed on open atmosphere and an incredible rhythm that drags itself for texture against the acoustic landscape. As the song rides into the sunset, Chasny and co. unravel into deeper psych territory, proving once again to be one of the genres most experimental and yet consistent auteurs. 


WE LEAVE AT MIDNIGHT "The Holy Rolling Flower Band" LP | LEAPLING "Vibro" (Gemma cover) | GREAT YTENE "Wanness" | MEGA BOG "London" | HUNDRED VISIONS "Ditch Punk's Prayer" | ZULA "Fuck This" | TROPICAL SKIN BYRDS "Cut It Off" | RETAIL SPACE "Don't Ask Me Why" | CRYSTAL FAIRY "Chiseler" | YUCKY DUSTER "Elementary School Dropout" | RAMP LOCAL "Eclectic Sessions Vol. 2" LP | DICAPRIO "Dark Water" | MOON DUO "Creepin'"| DOOMSDAY STUDENT "The First Trip" | SLANTED "Prang Wince" EP | SAD13 "Get A Yes" | SAM YORK, CARSON COX, & AUSTIN BROWN "Rene" | CLIQUE "Wishful Thinking" | NIKOLAS ESCUDERO "Sand" | JOURNALISM "It Just Hits You" + "The Current"

1. NINE INCH NAILS | "Not The Actual Events" EP

Making good on a promise that I had completely forgotten, Trent Reznor surprised us with an essential Nine Inch Nails release at the tail end of the year that promised to be "unfriendly" and "fairly impenetrable" which I took to mean pissed off. Hell, that's a lot to be pissed off about and who better to lead the way than the man who made Broken. Just in time for the holidays, the band released Not The Actual Events, a short but very promising EP that most certainly does NIN sounding angrier than they have in over a decade. Where exactly that anger is coming from or being directed toward isn't immediately clear, but the band blend their own swarming guitar noise of the past together with the more refined but still sinister electronic manipulations seamlessly, bridging their sounds and creating their finest cathartic fury since 2007's Year Zero in the process.

2. RICK RUDE | "Shroud and Shell"

I already told you at the top of this post how much I love Rick Rude, but it's always worth repeating, especially because "Shroud and Shell" is a beast of a different nature compared to "Ow For Now". Highlighting a heavier and folkier sound than either of the record's first two singles, there's something haunting about "Shroud and Shell". Like a dark night in a spooky place, Rick Rude offer a sordid tale of what lurks in the woods as Ben Troy's howled lyrics provide safe passage. The band's songwriting is in top form as they wind from twangy riffs and jagged rhythms into the soaring coda before amping everything up for another round of heightened intensity. Rick Rude's Make Mine Tuesday may be dropping in January, but I can't stress enough that this is one of the new year's finest records.

3. HUNG TOYS | "Welcome to Repayment" LP

Hung Toys (much like Milked) is the home recording project of former Geronimo! guitarist/vocalist Kelly Johnson... but this ain't no bedroom pop. Hung Toys rips (real hard), and it's glorious. Welcome To Repayment is his second album under the moniker and it's full of stampeding fuzz punk, post-hardcore, and violent indie pop that carries the torch for Touch & Go's influence on Chicago. Johnson contorts and convulses as he tears from song to song of chainsaw garage punk and dissonant pop with a healthy splattering of shredding. Released in the shadows of the year, it's an album destined to be a "best kept secret" among a select few, but its worth every bit of your time. I don't exactly know what separates Hung Toys from Milked but it doesn't really matter. Johnson continues to prove he can do it all and we're all the more grateful for it. All proceeds from the release will go to Cure Violence, who do amazing work to curb the violence in Chicago. 

4. URANIUM CLUB | "All of Them Naturals" LP

All Of Them Naturals is the reason you wait to make this year-end lists. Released on December 16th, the Minneapolis post-punk band's sophomore record is impossibly tight and infinitely enjoyable. To put it in real simple terms, It's one of the best punk albums of this past year. All Of Them Naturals is "presented" by a faux corporate overlord and we're all simply drones in their grand scheme, a futile future of chemical control with an art-punk soundtrack as deranged as it is focused. Uranium Club are reveling in the Devo-indebted world of demented post-punk, feverishly blending harsh and hypnotic synth punk, cartoonish aggression, and detached rhythms. It's agitated punk with a snide sense of humor and an excited demeanor. Uranium Club have delivered a masterpiece in sarcasm, an ode to society ("we built the wheel / it's easy, it's just a wheel"), the future ("now that its the 21st century, I only get high on video weed"), and the corporate structure ("you tailored the suit, but I make the loot") with twitchy stop/start rhythms, warped riffs, and tangled melodies. It's an immediate record that only gets better the further you dig in. 

5. MF DOOM & MADLIB | "Avalanche"

For any fans of underground hip-hop, the excitement surrounding this one requires very little explanation. "Avalanche" is the official (unofficial) return of Madvillain (I say unofficial because it's credited to MF DOOM & Madlib) and of course the pairing is once again bordering on perfection. MF DOOM needs no introduction and he wastes no time letting his signature flow unfold over a slow soul beat and choir melodies. There's no one that does it quite like DOOM and Madlib's dusty beats have always been a spectacular platform for the MC's colorful imagery to shine. While this song is a one-off single released together with a new action figure, we can only hope there's more to come. Long live Madvillain.

6. VAGABON | "The Embers"

I still remember the first time I heard Vagabon perform "The Embers" back when it was known as "Sharks" and the chills I got from Laetitia Tamko's incredible song. It's a timeless sentiment that rings forever loud even with simple phrasing, a call to remain true in the face of being swallowed up. The song has been re-recorded and re-imagined with a new life to it and it sounds more spectacular than ever, an undeniably passionate song and one big achievement for all the "small fish" out there. The recent video captures the song to perfection, a colorful and vivid clip with cinematography that pops from the screen and stark images split between solemn reflection and joyous freedom. Infinite Worlds is an incredible album from start to finish, and there's no better starting point than here and now.

7. MASTA KILLA | "Therapy" (feat. Method Man & Redman)

Masta Killa could just be the most underrated MC in hip-hop history. The Wu-Tang Clan member has never been in the limelight and it's nothing short of a shame. Aside from the classic verses he's dropped on Wu-Tang's album, the high chief Jamel Irief released a classic solo album with his sophomore effort, Made In Brooklyn that stands among the best of the killer bees solo offerings. Closing out Adult Swim's single series for 2016, Masta Killa teamed up with Method Man and Redman, but while their names may carry more weight, it's undeniably MK who steals the show. The first single from his upcoming album Loyalty Is RoyaltyMasta Killa goes in over a hard plinking piano beat, showing and proving as the "military arm ready to swarm".

8. YUCKY DUSTER | "The Ropes"

"The Ropes" is the perfect center piece for Yucky Duster's upcoming EP, a syrupy pop song with inescapable melodies that border on perfection. Luca Balser's vocals are at their best as he sings tightly wound verses of bubblegum pop glory, while the band lean into a particularly brilliant blend of melodic psych pop and surfy post-punk. Channeling a wistful vibe somewhere between The Zombies and Weezer, there's a warm retro pulse in the song's harmonized chorus and jangly beauty, a song guaranteed to infiltrate your daydreams, auditory smooch and all. Yucky Duster played it loose on their debut, but they're not fooling anyone, this band is exceptionally tight and their song writing is at peak form on "The Ropes," a song to melt through the winter ice and bring you back to the summer's hottest days.

9. MEATBODIES | "Creature Feature"

Much like their pal Ty Segall, Los Angeles' Meatbodies refuse to be pigeonholed into one corner. On "Creature Feature," the first single from the band's sophomore album Alice, they exchange much of their stoned aggression for a fuzzier glam sound. It still sounds like Meatbodies, but it shows a growth, a sign that they're focused not to record the same record twice. Their new "heavy pop" take on garage is both infectious and intricate with layers of wavy guitars and keys tucked into the folds of psych riffs and anthemic hooks.


The Adventures Of The Silver Spaceman released Bare Bones Part II: Electric Earth at the beginning of December, a focused rock 'n' roll record of paranoid punk, spacious psych, and pulsating indie rock that rests its strengths on Zach Ellis' eclectic songwriting and his manic presentation. "Weather King Part II" is the record's quirky centerpiece, a jangly pop song with a heart of gold melody and now a video to match. This isn't just any music video, it's really more a short film, a casually hilarious clip that is both (potentially) informative and prophetic. There are lessons on starting your car in a thunder storm, choosing the right path, and being nice to the homeless, if you choose to dig into them... otherwise it's just a fun video for a good song with a Titanic themed interlude... you'll see.


RUN THE JEWELS "Run The Jewels 3" LP | RED SEA "Participation (Live at The Cleaners)" | MARCHING CHURCH "2016" | THELMA "Peach" | SO STRESSED "The King's Wig" | FREDDY BEACH "Lost Weekend" EP | DOUBTING THOMAS CRUISE CONTROL "Dolt" | REBEL KIND "Just For Fools" LP | PALBERTA "Ode To Honey" | PALBERTA "She Feels That Way" | CAL FISH "Is It Jood?" | EARRING "Pure Pleasure" | JIM AND THE FRENCH VANILLA "I'm Just Sitting Here" | KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD "Nuclear Fusion" | ODDISEE "Things" | JUELZ SANTANA "Ol' Thing Back" (feat. Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Method Man & Redman) | MOURN "Irrational Friend" | HARMONY TIVIDAD "Russian Roulette" | KING WOMAN "Utopia" | ODONIS ODONIS "Fearless" | WILD PINK "Wizard of Loneliness" | ANDREW JOSEPH WEAVER "Not A Big Deal" | ANTIPHONS "Losing Teeth" | THE FLAMING LIPS "Sunrise (Eyes of the Young)"