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DUMP HIM - "Attack and Amend" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Niccolo Dante Porcello (@chromechompsky)

“Attack and Amend,” the new track from DUMP HIM, is a cool two minutes of furor, playing an unfairly catchy guitar line off of the remarkable musings of Jaclyn Walsh. Joined by Zoë Wyner, and Larz Brogan (GAY SIN, Daephne; among others), Walsh covers the beyond-fluent rhythm section in cadences that, while reminiscent of contemporaries, are somehow both more pointed and more crystalline. “Attack and Amend” speaks to the reckoning that comes from being treated shittily and refusing to accept it, the converse of which comes in accountability. Walsh rejects opposing entities: “try to keep me afloat/ but I will over flow/ swim away from me.” Each moment in “Attack and Amend” is a sonic and lyrical bath, with each element of DUMP HIM coming together and forming what can only be understood as a relatively perfect (pop, if pop knew what was good) song. There is nothing missing here: at every moment, Brogan (drums), Wyner (bass) or Walsh (guitar and most vocals) are filling the two minutes with their brand of angular rock. Tony Molina, Jawbreaker Reunion, Nice Try, and now DUMP HIM, have, within the past year, released songs and albums that further the idea that brilliantly crafted music does not have to be overly verbose. Their sub/two-minute run times are packages of uncanny decadence and satisfaction; “Attack and Amend” is no different, and is one of the compositions most deserving of the Loop function in recent memory. DUMP HIM are releasing a record later this year, and with “Attack and Amend” as an opening gambit, there seems like little else to be more excited about.

DUMP HIM is touring, beginning tonight:

01/06 - Philadelphia, PA @ Glitter Galaxy w/ Eight, Control Top, Young Buffy
01/07 - Washington, DC @ Baxter BLDG w/ Governess, Kid Claws, Paerie Sol
01/08 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Silent Barn w/ Crusher, MALLRAT, Decisions
01/09 - Boston, MA @ a house in allston w/ Palehound, Fucko, Gravel