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Big Putts - "Prism b/w Donut" | Single Review

by Niccolo Dante Porcello (@ChromeChompsky)

Big Putts is a long standing project of Alex Molini, Jesse Weiss, and Gio Coviello, members of Dirty Dishes, Palehound, and Kiss Concert respectively, that combines elements of all three musicians other projects into a (delicious) DIY-soup of sorts. “Prism b/w Donut” is their first release since 2012’s LP Bogey Nights, and showcases a more complex and refined side of Big Putts. The opener, “Prism” is something of a post-hardcore romp; Coviello and Molini revolve around the immensely dynamic and understated drumming from Weiss, themselves each contributing washes and swales of sound at any given moment. There is little linear structure to “Prism” outside of the initial riff, a dropped chug that is somehow less Metallica, and more Algernon Cadwallader. There are no uninteresting moments on “Prism”; Coviello’s vocals swirl sensually low in the mix, and Molini’s versatility defies convenient description.
Each member brings their own influence to Big Putts – it is possible to at once hear three bands in BP’s songwriting, a remarkable and not at all disappointing turn for the trio. But as becomes very clear on the back half of this record, Big Putts is not a simple retread of prior work. “Donut” flits in and out of coherence, relinquishing their hard-hitting ethos to a moment of sound-collage before smashing back in the loudest moment between the songs. The most audible lyrics on the record come at the beginning of “Donut”, where Coviello draws out a useful reminder that: “D is for donut, but also for dickhead”, before a crescendo sends Big Putts into an inspired frenzy. Ebb and flow is certainly the modus on “Prism b/w Donut” as a whole, but “Donut” takes the (welp) cake, seemly entirely as an exercise in dynamism. Both songs on the record are simultaneously pop inflected, while also being weird as hell, a really promising combination that leads to a wonderful single. Hopefully, “Prism” and “Donut” are signs of more material to come from Big Putts, but in the mean time, spend some time imagining what else Coviello would put in his alphabet book. D is a good start, but there are 25 more to go.