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Cende - "EP" | Album Review

by Ronnie Francisco

Cende hailing from Brooklyn, NY debuted their self-titled EP late last year under the moniker Downies. Since then, the 7" has been released on Steakhouse Records, which I can only assume is in conjunction with DBTS. The band features members of Porches, LVL UP and I'm sure many others and have formulated an awesome power-pop-punk band. Its first track “Widow” is an energetic opener that really showcases the bands root sound. The song grabs you and will make you want to pogo. The stand-out track on this release comes in right after the first track. “End” comes in blasting and is possibly one of the greatest pop-punk songs I have heard this year. All tracks are insanely well written and are very reminiscent of The Marked Men and the latter-SIRS release. “Vice” is an awesome closer to the release but when it ends I always want more. It’s such a shame that EP is only five songs, I always have to put this release on repeat. But it will just make the full-length even more exciting, if they do release one. Don’t miss out on this stellar EP, which can be purchased through their Bandcamp page.  One listen through the Cende EP and you will want to listen to it again. Guaranteed.