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Cavity Kids - "Cavity Kids" | Album Review

by Jordan Weinstock (@weinstockjordan)

Okay, you know I hate myself for doing this but you know I have to start this review off this way, this Cavity Kids record sure is ~sweet as heck~ …get it? Seriously though, if only this album had come out slightly earlier in the summer, this might have been the most played album in my car’s stereo. With only three songs clocking in just barely above two minutes, the band’s self-titled debut LP is perfect for those nights when you don’t really wanna do anything but relive your angsty past without actually reliving any of those horrible teenage emotions.

Standout tracks like “Shawn” show that there’s more to the band then an ability to craft endlessly entertaining riffs out of thin air, slowing it down and venturing more into the bedroom poppy cousin of pop punk. The band might share the same enthusiasm for catharsis and heartache as fellow Philadelphia emo scenesters Stippling (which Cavity Kids' Pat Quigley also plays in), but Cavity Kids emotions and style tend to feel more like the most distorted moments of Beach Slang rather than Jawbreaker or Sunny Day Real Estate. Talking to a writer for The Key, the band describes themselves as “party rock” explaining that they sound like “jumping around in one of those big blow up castles they have at kids’ birthday parties, but it’s at the rock show” and honestly, if that doesn’t convince you to give this album a listen I don’t know what will.