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Soda - "Without A Head" | Album Review

by Ronnie Francisco

Soda are a band hailing from Gainesville, FL and their latest EP Without a Head is not one to miss. Released via Dull Tools in January 2016, the EP opens with the very chilling “New Trash.” The opener is a great representation of the dynamics this band is able to bring forth. With gritty and crunchy guitar tones, this song has a very catchy vibe. This track sets the tone of the EP, as well as the range of songwriting Soda offers. From there tracks like “Janie Juicehead” and “Blonde on Blonde” are very gripping pop songs with very dark elements that are cleverly interlaced. “TV” starts with an ambient noise introduction, and as soon as the lead comes in, Soda has you humming along to the beautiful song. “TV” is the swan song for this band, and personally a favorite track of mine. Much like most the EP, its closer “Lot Pony” has a very close call back to “New Trash.”

Without A Head is a very stellar effort for Soda and has great replay value. The album provides a great look at sinister pop music as the noise, layers of guitars, and overall production of this EP work together beautifully. If you have a chance, take two minutes of your time and start the EP, you will be hooked instantly.