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Leapling Presents: "A Tour of Williamsburg with Ana Fabrega" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

The one and only Leapling * have returned. It's only been but a few months since the Brooklyn based project released their incredible power-pop odyssey, Suspended Animation, but unlike the record's title, Dan Arnes isn't wasting time. In fact, he's merely killing time... until the release of Suspended Animation's companion piece... Killing Time. Due for release on November 11th via the esteemed Babe City Records, the EP is a collection of songs written during the Suspended Animation sessions, but given a life of their own. It's a miracle! Last week the band shared the record's first single, "Tunnelvision," a massive and hypnotic song that stands among Arnes' finest. We'll have far more to say about that soon (when we eventually catch up with our "Fuzzy Meadows" feature) but for now, you can stream it below.

In the interest of Killing Time however, Leapling are proud share some insight ** into the album via A Tour of Williamsburg with Ana Fabrega. "Born alone in Williamsburg and raised alone in Williamsburg," Fabrega is among the cities best new comedians, but she's also quite the tour guide. Offering an "informative" tour of everyone's favorite soon to be theme park, Fabrega shares her knowledge of the neighborhood, taking her time to simply enjoy the construction and try new things like solid food and water fountains.

Please, no phones. 

Pre-order Leapling's Killing Time EP (CS) from Babe City Records, due out November 11th. Order Suspended Animation (LP) from Exploding In Sound Records. Leapling will celebrate the release of Killing Time on November 12th at Shea Stadium with Haybaby, Holy Tunics, and Fern Mayo. RSVP and invite your friends. Ana Fabrega will be on tour with none other than Fred Armisen beginning November 1st. Check out all of her upcoming shows.

* well... there are lots of "leaplings" out there, but the one and only band known as Leapling

** no insight actually shared, but take it easy and enjoy a good chuckle