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Furnsss - "Furnsss" | Album Review


by Jasmine Bourgeois

There’s something effortless about the way Furnsss’ songs stick to the back of your mind. Their newest self-titled release is no exception — after listening to the record on repeat for hours, I still found myself itching to put it back on. This album is shorter — five songs on the digital album and a sixth track on the physical cassette — but delivers a lot of creative energy that makes you want to go to a house show and jam with friends.  

The opener "Roll With It" sets a playful tone. The lyrics are short and simple, focusing more attention on the instrumentals. It sounds like pals having fun; not taking themselves too seriously while still making good harmonies that makes you want to move. Throughout, I felt struck with the feeling of being a teen. Each track is reminiscent with the energy of playing music in your parent’s basement and just having fun. The fourth track, "Do What I Want," captures this perfectly with the simple lyrics, “I’m running free/I’ll do what I want to/I’m fucking free and I’ll do what I want to/So don’t step on me.” The last track on the digital album, "Drag," grooves without fizzling out, bringing home the feelings of fuzzy adolescent contentment the rest of the album played with. "Ripe Raspberries," exclusive to the cassette tape, is a slower, acoustic closer that sounds different than the rest of the album, but is perfectly fitting. It’s simple, sweet, and genuine, bringing home the feeling of nostalgia their music tends to capture.

Furnsss has been making music for a few years and each release has been wonderful in its own right. This album, though, has a defined sound that’s different from the rest. They’ve nailed poppy fuzz to a tee, but this album exemplifies their ability to make good music that has its own “Furnsss” flair to it even within that genre. Furnsss nestles itself into your ears and clings. Listening to their previous releases, it feels like they’ve been building up to something that this album was able to reach.