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Lady Bones - "Terse" | Album Review

by Jonathan Bannister (@j_utah)

Boston’s Lady Bones put out their first full length last year and are already back with a new EP that comes on strong with their guitar driven attack. Once can hear fellow scene stalwarts Pile in the way they craft melodies, though the lyrics seem more streamlined. There’s no talk of spiders with a fondness for butts. It’s a cohesive album that flies to the end. The heavy use of toms coupled with bass heavy melodies give the songs a tribal feel. The outward cry from the tribe of angst. 

Sean Gilston’s voice aches and snarls at the same time. A caged animal angry at being exposed. “Mercy I scream, but you don’t hear me…pain a gift from God to you, Grateful to be black & blue” he sings on the “feel good” "Ice Cream". This is raw nerve music and as such there are highs and lows in rapid succession. "Horror" really drives and is a song on the attack but then is followed by "Age" which calms things down. The fury momentarily spent. But anyone truly wronged can tell you, the indignation refuels and the second wave is unleashed. "Don’t Call Me Sassy" ramps it back up with it’s catchy aggression. 

Chunky riffs, a snarling bass, rolling toms. Terse is equal parts catchy and heavy. Both dynamics showcased on closer "Cough". The song is a concise summation of the band’s mission. Can one hum and be angry? Lady Bones are willing to bet you can.