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Dumb - "Club Nites" | Album Review

dumb cover.jpg

by Matt Keim

Dumb are abrasive, from their damnably incorrect name down to Frankie Rossino's voice. It scratches away over the tracks on their new album, Club Nites, like a pebble stuck in your fresh white kicks. Rarely does he bother forcing out a melody, and instead fires off post-night-out realizations about life and the people surrounding him in tired, falling cadences.

But Dumb are also magicians. When the noise washes away in time for a burst of melody to spurt from their guitars, and it's combined with a perfect bassline turnaround, which then leads right back into the madness, it's bliss. Pure bliss. The guitars and bass carry the melodies throughout the album, giving Frankie's voice the perfect foil to play against. Throughout it all, for it is still punk in its roots, Pipé Morelli pushes the band off the wall and onto the dance floor. His groove is always there to catch you when Dumb's wily tricks lead you astray.

This record shoves abrasive dissonance right up next to beautiful melodies, all while flying around changing courses on a whim, spitting attitude, and serving up withered looks to anyone who is too unwilling to dive in and have a good time. From driving jams like “Submission” or “Beef Hits,” down to the gorgeous spaces created by “Cursed” and “CBC Radio 3,” Dumb have made a marvelous album that deserves a listen. You never know when they might hit you with a moment that leaves you stunned.