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Wet Leather - "Party" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Thrin Vianale (@windedfl)

Brooklyn synth pop quartet Wet Leather have truly earned their self-designated genre of “anxiety pop” with their most recent offering- an over-caffeinated video for their latest single “Party”. This group truly embraces a fluid approach to creative direction, which is evident in their energetic live shows, their penchant for genre-crossing songwriting, and most recently in their eye-popping new video. All at once artful, whimsical, and at times jaw-dropping, the group draws inspiration from the all too relatable suffering that is one’s apartment slow-cooking itself in the sweltering New York summer heat waves. Chaotic, funny, and bursting with stimuli, Wet Leather explores their more frenetic side and pushes boundaries with the imagery in “Party”.

This release comes off the heels of their 2018 EP entitled Past Lives, in which their inspiration aligned more with an 80’s synth pop style; they cite influences such as Prince, David Bowie, and Tears for Fears. As a band who is never afraid to turn their own songwriting styles upside down, it makes sense that their latest video will literally turn you upside down in its full-speed-ahead psychedelic energy. Maybe take a dramamine before watching.