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Old Maybe - "Piggity Pink" | Album Review

old maybe cover.jpg

by Jasmine Bourgeois

Like the rest of the work Old Maybe has put out over the last year, their sophomore EP Piggity Pink is everything fun and good about experimental jams. It’s child-like and absurd, harsh yet refined, distinct but weighty. The trio perfectly hits a balance between sounding like they all picked up instruments and started playing nonsensically and sounding like they’ve been playing together and defining a unique, composed sound for years. Simply, this release is a disorienting trip in the absolute best way possible.

The first track, “Dianetics,” is a fanciful exploration of sound-making. The vocals are despondent, the riffs squelchy and squiggly. This energy carries throughout, each song feeling like a curious venture into weirdness. Midway through the EP the tunes start to feel like a dream— intermittent pig noises, twangs, and whistles make it feel like a conceptual journey. The closing track, “Clear,” hits a fine line between being exactly that while also solidifying the dreamy nonsense vibes carried throughout. 

There’s a whole lot of artistry in this EP. There’s a fine-tuned aesthetic that’s undoubtedly been crafted by the Old Maybe crew. It’s the type of music I would expect to find in someone’s collection labeled, “weird noise?” and when I ask them what it is they’d go, “oh that? That’s real fucking good.” And that’s exactly what it is — real, real good. Piggity Pink takes risks and delivers some exceptionally fun sounds.