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Dove Lady - "E" | Album Review

dove lady e.jpg

by Jasmine Bourgeois

Dove Lady is continuing their alphabet EP series with second-to-latest release, E. Andrew Thawley (drums/vox) and Jeremy Ray (guitar/vox) are a fierce duo. The intense chemistry between the two is palpable. They aren’t afraid to experiment or be loud; they make noises that are weird and fun. Jumping between punk, surf, and math rock with hints of jazz and drone, this EP is truly experimental in all senses of the word. They try out genres and moods, with most of the tracks bringing a totally different feel than the one before it. Every song has its own distinct sound and essence; yet the lack of a coherent genre is exactly what makes sense about E.

The energy splashes right at the start. The first track, “DZ Theme,” is rife with rowdiness. It starts off slower and more controlled, building into louder and familiarly messy punk noise towards the one minute mark. The energy instantly shifts into something tangible that carries throughout the rest of the EP. Their style can never quite be pinned — there’s a delightful unpredictability to it. They move through sounds with ease, slipping in and out of exploratory clanging and tight harmonies. The closing track “Eye Against Eye” moves into a slower, dreamier soundscape. It flirts with the feeling of ambient field recordings, but has more of an anxious, drone vibration that rings throughout and carries even after the track comes to a silent finish.

E is truly one of the most energetic EPs I’ve heard in a long time. Coming in at a little over 15 minutes long, it’s a short and sweet burst of vigor that fills you with excitement straight to the core. True to its experimental punk flavor, it bubbles with zeal. Thawley and Ray can produce banging, clashing noise experiments that feel intentional and fine-tuned rather than raucous. It feels young without being naive; unconventional without being amateurish.  More than anything, there’s a sense of accessibility to it — it’s just two friends making fun music who want people to feel good listening to it.