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Stream ‘All Of God's Money’ A Compilation In Tribute To Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot | Feature


by Tim Crisp (@betteryetpod)

Best we start with full disclosure–the author of this post is also the curator of this compilation. This fact might render me disqualified from being able to objectively report that all of god’s money, a compilation in tribute to Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, is available now for a $5 or more download via the Better Yet Podcast bandcamp; and in a black and white interpretation of journalistic ethics, I couldn’t agree more. As the compilation’s curator I have a vested interest in making sure that you, the reader, be made aware of this compilation. 

Of course I could justify my writing and compromised integrity by noting that the appearances from bands like Bethlehem Steel, Ratboys, and Slow Mass–who have all been featured on this website–would qualify this information as prime content for this blog in particular. Or I could note this website’s track premier of Meat Wave’s cover of “War on War” which laid a foundation for a simple follow-up post to say the whole thing is streaming now. But I would rather lean into this moral quandary, by saying Yes, I have gone ahead and told objectivity to stick it up its nose because the reason we are here, the reason this compilation exists is to benefit the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, an organization that helps to serve people living in the city with HIV/AIDS. Proceeds from this compilation will help service a wonderful organization whose mission is to advocate, prevent, and service those affected by a horrific disease, while we wait, still, for a cure.

The compilation feature 13 covers, including the album’s 11 tracks, and 2 songs recorded as demos from the album’s sessions. The covers range from the faithful (see: Mikey Erg’s “Kamera” or Ratboys’ “Pot Kettle Black”) to the complete reinterpretation (the aforementioned Meat Wave or Adult Mom’s bedroom take on “Poor Places”). As a Wilco fan, and someone aware of the perception that Wilco may feel passe to some, I sought to build a comp. that would cater to fans and cast a different light on Wilco for those who see them establishment indie rock. I think we did just that. 

Screw it, I’m so proud of this compilation, listen to it here and purchase a download to help support the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.