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Erasers - "Pulse Points" LP | Post-Trash Premiere


by Patrick Pilch (@pratprilch)

Perth-based duo Erasers started as a home recording project in 2009 and have since built a very solid catalog of tunes. Rebecca Orchard and Rupert Thomas dial in on an atmospheric cross between whirring ambient and mesmerizing krautrock, spinning pointedly droning pieces that are as hypnotic as they are engaging. With a series of EPs, a 7-inch and the excellent FBi radio commissioned soundtrack tape Fault Lines under their belts, Erasers have consistently carved out an increasingly distinct and focused sound. 

Today, we’re thrilled to premiere the band’s aptly-titled Pulse Points, Erasers’ sophomore LP, out via Pouring Dream and Fire Talk Records. Each track is engulfing and fully immersive, allowing listeners slowly slip into a dripping state of cosmic detachment through swathing synth melodies and a pulsing rhythmic backbone. Erasers’ kraut-punk MO reaches its high point on key cuts “Heavy Words” and closer “Leave a Trace,” where each track polishes the duo’s swelling arrangements. 

Pulse Points is out July 12. Listen below: