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Meat Wave - "War on War" (Wilco cover) | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Better Yet Podcast’s Tim Crisp already has our favorite podcast out there. He’s a genuine talent when it comes to interviewing his guests, with well researched questions, and a never ending interest in where the conversation goes. I’ve listened to episodes with people I’ve known for over a decade and still learned so much. Crisp is also a gifted writer (who we miss here at Post-Trash) and now, he’s compiled a delightful tribute album. Due out July 10th, All of God's Money / A Tribute to Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, features contributions from Slow Mass, Bethlehem Steel, Ratboys, and more, with all proceeds benefiting the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. We’re excited to premiere Meat Wave’s contribution “War on War,” adapting the original’s jangly space-age boogie into something more muscular and driving, without losing its essence.

Where the original takes a breezy and laid back approach, Chicago’s Meat Wave go for a stampeding pace, as though they’ve yet to hear of the concept “laid back.” Keeping the melodic in tact but amping it up with a dense distortion and a rhythm that rips instead of saunters, the band tear through it at a furious clip, the weird accented noise of Wilco’s version version lost under a barrage that’s instead noisy at all times. The song’s message and impact remain, but what’s left has turned the boat shoes rock of the source material into something undeniably punk.

Check out “War on War” below as well as the compilation’s tracklist.


01 Bethlehem Steel – “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart”
02 Mikey Erg – “Kamera”
03 Mother Evergreen – “Radio Cure”
04 Meat Wave – “War On War”
05 Laura Stevenson – “Jesus, etc.”
06 Walter, Etc. – “Ashes Of American Flags”
07 Lifted Bells – “Heavy Metal Drummer”
08 See Through Dresses – “I’m The Man Who Loves You”
09 Ratboys – “Pot Kettle Black”
10 Adult Mom – “Poor Places”
11 Slow Mass – “Reservations”
12 Chloe & Bear – “Laminated Cat”
13 Cee Dertz – “A Magazine Called Sunset”