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Flyying Colors - "Paula" Video | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

“Paula” is a gorgeous character study of one Waffle House employee, brought to life courtesy of Providence via Harrisonburg’s Flyying Colors. The song itself a simplistic slacker pop song with a folk heart, a warm tale of mundane wonders and shredded potatoes. The easy vibes are essential to the song and it’s worn in feel, allowing hilarious lines such as “her middle name is Waffle House” to deliver with complete sincerity. It’s a heartbreaking story, Paula dreams of the beach, which the man in her life despises, so instead she works away her hours instead of being home with a love that faded long ago. Paula eventually finds her freedom, “throws her name tag in the wind” and lives forever happy in what could just be the sweetest little song about a Waffle House employee that’s ever existed.

Speaking about the song, Flyying Color’s Graham Brouder shared:

“I wrote the song last January back in Harrisonburg, after having breakfast at Waffle House and hearing one of the ladies working there say to another about a third co-worker "Paula's a company man, that's all there is to it. Her middle name is Waffle House." I made the video one frame at a time between October and now, using a Stop Motion app on my phone. At the end there were 1465 frames.”

“Paula” will be out on an upcoming EP in the near future.