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Kiwi Jr - "Salary Man" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Sacha Kingston-Wayne

For years, Kiwi jr. were active in the Toronto scene while having a one-song demo as their only release. That’s about to change with their full-length debut for Mint Records, entitled Football Money. The second single from Football Money, “Salary Man,” is a great showcase for Kiwi jr.’s catchy melodies and deadpan delivery. Its lyrics, like “I miss our talks over coffee and nothing says home like a basket of folded white shirts,” may seem tender at first but it’s hard to pinpoint how sincere they’re intended to be. That uncertainty is part of what makes “Salary Man” such a pleasingly all-over-the-place pop song. Frontman Jeremy Gaudet sings about working 9-5 in Toronto while his band charges ahead, only taking brief moments to pause before picking up the pace again. “I can’t get home/the TTC/I didn’t charge my cellphone last night!” Gaudet exclaims at one point. “Salary Man” uses energy, anxiety, and rich detail to craft its own little world.

Kiwi jr’s Football Money is out March 29th via Mint Records.