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Pet Fox - "Be Alone" Video | Post-Trash Premiere

pet fox cover.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Never separate an astronaut and their space dog, it’s a rule as old as time… and if it’s not, it damn well should be. Boston’s Pet Fox, the trio of Theo Hartlett (Ovlov), Morgan Luzzi (Ovlov), and Jesse Weiss (Palehound), understand this and they explore the great lengths one will go to be reunited with their best canine friends in their latest video for “Be Alone.” Taken from the band’s exceptional self-titled debut, released late last summer, the band have been breathing new life into the record with the recent “How To Quit” video and now this gorgeous animated clip - produced, directed, and edited by Kurt Vinci of Aqueous Animation. It’s one of the best animated videos we can remember seeing, a lush space odyssey filled with wonder and companionship, terror and peril, and ultimately, warm reunions.

The video’s majestic other planetary atmosphere is a great match for the band’s single, the album’s slinky spaced out centerpiece. There’s a sense of longing in Theo Hartlett’s lyrics and his perfectly configured vocal melodies, winding down around itself over somber progressions and twinkling keys. The band ease in and out the verses with minor key shifts and gentle washes of bent guitar chords. It’s a stunning video for an equally stunning song.