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Post-Trash: Volume Four (RAICES Benefit) | Promo Compilation

art by DNL HRS (

art by DNL HRS (

Post-Trash is happy as a clam to present Post-Trash: Volume Four, the latest in our yearly charitable promo compilation series. We present you with forty new tracks from some of the best up-and-coming (and in some cases legendary) bands around. This year we are pleased to donate 100% of the proceeds to RAICES Texas, an organization that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees. As families continue to be torn apart and detained at the border, RAICES’ advocacy and commitment to change are driven by the clients and families they serve every day as their attorneys and legal assistants provide legal advocacy and representation in an immigration system that breaks apart families and leaves millions without pathways to legal status.

all proceeds to benefit RAICES

all proceeds to benefit RAICES

The idea on our end is simple: spread good music throughout the world and do some good in the process. With so many great bands emerging from the underground and DIY scene over the past year, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few artists... but we did our best to keep things concise. We left it to an incredible forty bands that have impressed us over the past few weeks, months, years, and in some cases, decades. We are overwhelmed by how many bands/artists recorded a new song just for the compilation, and we’re just as thrilled to present some of our favorite deep albums cuts, extra special demos and rarities, and a handful of great covers as well. As always, there's something for everyone, and everything for someone. 

Download the compilation at and please donate toward RAICES if you can. It's a "name-your-price download" and every bit helps. Spread the word and share the link. We can make a difference and listen to great music at the same time, the combo we've all been waiting for. Hope you enjoy and thanks for all the support. A special thank you to everyone who helped make this happen and all the bands involved. - Dan

Post-Trash: Volume Four

01. Dig Nitty - "Angel Calling"
previously unreleased; Cold Gold out now courtesy of the band

02. Rong - "Cup"
previously unreleased; Rong / Landowner Split out now via Midnight Werewolf Records

03. Blonde Redhead - "Where Your Mind Wants To Go” (feat. Ludovico Einaudi)
from the Where Your Mind Wants To Go (feat. Ludovico Einaudi) single; courtesy of Asa Wa Kuru & Ponderosa Music Records

04. Borzoi - “Schlock”
from the album A Prayer for War; courtesy of 12XU Records

05. Beige Palace - “One Man Haunted House”
from the Hemp Gimp tour tape, courtesy of Buzzhowl Records

06. Miranda Winters - “Hurling”
previously unreleased; Xobeci, What Grows Here? out now via Wax Nine / Sooper Records

07. Holiday Music - “Wonder”
previously unreleased; Moves out now courtesy of the band

08. Eerie Wanda - “Hands of the Devil”
from the album Pet Town; courtesy of Joyful Noise Recordings

09. Irk - “Spectre at the Fiesta”
from the album Recipes From The Bible; out now courtesy of the band

10. Greg Electric - “Where You Stay”
previously unreleased; Greg Electric out now courtesy of the band

11. Mister Goblin - “White Fuckin Flag” (Dido cover)
previously unreleased; Final Boy out now via EIS

12. Lisa/Liza - “Dandelions”
previously unreleased; Momentary Glance out now via Orindal Records

13. Exhalants - “Hey Motherfucker”
previously unreleased; Pinko / Exhalants Split out now via Self Sabotage Records

14. Floating Room - “Ant” (Demo)
previously unreleased; False Baptism out now via Good Cheer Records

15. Peel Dream Magazine - “I Want Have It”
previously unreleased; Modern Meta Physic out now via Slumberland Records

16. Screaming Females - “Bird In Space”
from the album All At Once, out now via Don Giovanni

17. Renata Zeiguer - “Gravity” (Alt Version)
from the album Faraway Business, out now via Northern Spy

18. Traps PS - “After The Wall”
from the album Lexicon Artist, out now courtesy of the band

19. Rock Solid - “Storylines”
previously unreleased; Something Solid / Subletter out now via EIS

20. Exploded View - “Dark Stains”
from the album Obey, out now via Sacred Bones

21. Buck Gooter - “Land of the Dead”
from the album Finer Thorns, out now via Ramp Local

22. Gnarcissists - “Models”
from the album EP, out now via Bliss NYC

23. Palberta - ‘Nother Day
previously unreleased; Roach Goin’ Down out now via Wharf Cat

24. Shell (of a Shell) - “Better”
previously unreleased; Already There out now via EIS

25. Lawn - “Summertime”
previously unreleased; Blood On The Tracks out now via Forged Artifacts

26. Doffing - “Conjure Friends II”
previously unreleased; Memory Vault out now courtesy of the band

27. Dusk - “When Sleep Washes Over”
previously unreleased; Dusk out now via Don Giovanni

28. Snakeskin - “Cloudbusting” (Kate Bush cover)
previously unreleased; Hangnail out now via State Champion Records

29. Kal Marks - “You Can Never Hold Back Spring” (Tom Waits cover)
previously unreleased; Universal Care out now via EIS

30. c0mputer - “La Raza”
from the album Consequences Of Mass Production Under The Entertainment Regime, out now via Infinite Weed Records

31. Lice - “Love Your Island”
from the album It All Worked Out Great Vol. 1, out now via Balley Records

32. Couch Slut - “Dorothy”
from the album Microwaves & Couch Slut Split 12”, out now via Sleeping Giant Glossolalia

33. Hellrazor - “Your Sister Says John” (On cover)
previously unreleased; Satan Smile out now via New Professor Music

34. BRNDA - “Beverage of Choice”
from the album BT Mixtape Vol. 1, out now via Banana Tapes

35. Cheekface - “Ballad of Big Nothing” (Elliott Smith cover)
previously unreleased; Therapy Island out now via New Professor Music

36. Ing - “Closet”
previously unreleased; Ing out now via Citrus City

37. Nopes - “Queen of Kings (Never Heard Of It B-Side)”
previously unreleased; Stapler out now via Magnetic Eye

38. Bambara - “José Tries To Leave” (Live at Alphaville)
previously unreleased; Shadow On Everything out now via Wharf Cat

39. Pllush - “Soft In The Dark” (1st Version)
previously unreleased; Stranger to the Pain out now via Father/Daughter Records

40. Debbie - “Ghost”
previously unreleased; The Beach out now courtesy the band