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Lacing - "Swirl" | Post-Trash Premiere


by David Haynes (@shooshlord)

Shoegaze has this innate ability to sound otherworldly. The huge amounts of reverb and chorus make it sound like the music is coming from the bottom of the ocean. But, Chattanooga’s Lacing makes shoegaze that sounds earthy. 

If you’ve ever seen Lacing live, you’ll know that they’re loud as hell (which feels almost like a prerequisite for shoegaze bands, but despite all of the sonic wizardry, Lacing writes incredible songs. At the heart of all the noise and feedback, there’s a grittiness and realness to the band’s work. It’s this dirt that sets them apart from other bands in the genre. 

With their feet planted in reality but their minds reaching for the stars, Lacing have made a new record called Without. Out Halloween day on Elder Magick Records, the album deals with singer Joseph Davenport confronting his anxiety head-on. The result is an absolutely gorgeous record – one that will likely become a staple of the underground shoegaze scene. 

Post-Trash is pleased to release the single “Swirl,” for your listening pleasure. Following the loud-quiet-loud formula of bands like The Pixies, the songs moves from clean guitar chords to absolute chaos during the choruses. 

Listen to “Swirl” below, and get ready for the rest of Without on Halloween day.