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Blood Warrior - "Half Crazy" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Portland, Maine and Hudson Valley, NY’s Blood Warrior don’t sound as heavy as their name may suggest. The duo of Greg Jaime (O’Death) and Joey Weiss have been making stunning folk-inspired music for near a decade, creating natural landscapes and lush acoustics with big harmonies and gentle resolve. Set to release Animal Hides on November 15th via Ernest Jenning Record Co. (Saba Lou, The King Khan Experience, Savak), the record was inspired by these unstable times we’re living in and the need to find a sense of community and a place to call home in the world. There’s comfort in Blood Warrior weariness like a knowing nod from a dear friend that no matter the circumstances, maybe, just maybe, things will be okay in the end. It’s a spiritual record in the sense that it’s tranquility is probably healthy for your soul, a step away from the rat race and toward general grace. Everything feels personal, combining life’s highs and lows together for an introspective look at the core of it all.

“Half Crazy,” the album’s second single (following “Wooden Shade”) is a gorgeous finger picked and meditative song, brightened with magnificent harmonies and sweeping strings over otherwise dimly lit gothic folk progressions. There isn’t so much as tension, but their is an undeniable eeriness to the guitar and pedal steel, offset by the duo’s vocals, humble and warm, comforting and familiar. Everything trickles from the intricate arpeggiated melodies, easily gliding like a pebble down a tree lined stream. Layers are added and Jamie’s voice is strong yet soft, full of conviction and reflection.


11/17 - Portland, ME @ Apohadion Theater w/ Friendship
11/22 - Kingston, NY @ The Beverley
11/23 - Becket, MA @ Dreamaway Lodge w/ Nat Baldwin
11/24 - Providence, RI @ Columbus Theater