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Pet Fox - "How To Quit" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

We all know that a great drummer makes a great band (it's science) and we all know that Theo Hartlett (Ovlov) and Jesse Weiss (Palehound, Grass Is Green) are both incredible drummers. What you may not already know is that both Hartlett and Weiss are both great songwriters and guitarists as well. They can really do it all and they do it all so damn well... you know the type. Joined together with the always brilliant Morgan Luzzi (Ovlov), the trio have formed Pet Fox, a great new band that gives each of the members a chance to shine in their own radiant glow. With Hartlett on guitar and vocals, Luzzi on bass and keys, and Weiss on drums, the trio's self-titled full length debut is as sure as they come, a painstakingly nuanced mixture of AM radio gold and post-hardcore undertones (think Jawbox with a sunnier, more gentle disposition).

"How To Quit," the first single is about what Theo Hartlett describes as "recognizing indecisiveness when it comes to making important life decisions. It also represents the fear of never being able to pursue your true passions, but trying to accomplish as much as you can with what's been given to you." The trio lock in together immediately, Luzzi and Weiss' intricate but calming rhythm wraps itself into a tight knotted pattern, polyrhythms that dazzle with a soft approach. It's an impressive backbone for Hartlett's swooning melody and introspective lyrics, "don't tell me it will be alright, constantly debating how to quit." The lyrics are knowing and conflicted, but delivered by Hartlett with a confidence that's anything but; his voice commanding and silky as he dips in and out of a falsetto with the changing chord progressions and the impeccable shifting rhythms. The life of a DIY musician trying to "make it" in the world isn't always pretty, but this song is down right gorgeous. Now can we all give the drummer some?

Pet Fox's self-titled album is out August 10th.