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Proud Parents - "Hypnotoad" Video | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Madison, Wisconsin's Proud Parents hit that sweet spot between jangly punk and power-pop with quick songs that leave a trail of inescapable hooks and songwriting that's both snotty and undeniably catchy. The band recently released a self-titled album via Dirtnap Records (Mind Spiders, Dusk, Patsy's Rats), an album that's as much pop nugget fun as one summer can truly handle. The band (which features members of The Hussy and Fire Heads) employ three unique vocalists and songwriters, each adding their own jittery ideas, fusing together with shimmering scuzz and a natural ease. Their latest album is full of big riffs and sing-a-long melodies, with garage vibes that blister out with a charming ramshackle delivery and a punchy kind of jubilant attitude.

Today the band share their video for "Hypnotoad," one of the many sunspots of their album, burning an impression in your head, but most definitely leaving you in a better place. Directed by Austin Duerst, the duel screen clip finds the band loading up and hitting the road, bringing all the essentials... their instruments, mannequin heads, and of course the much needed tape collection. There's some fancy footwork, an adorable pooch, and a welcoming summer camp vibe, Proud Parents embracing the finer points of the season.