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Dust From 1000 Yrs - "Bad Shit" | Post-Trash Premiere

dust from 1000 yrs cover.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

If anyone can call the lead single from their upcoming album "Bad Shit," it's Dust From 1000 Yrs, one of the finest sad bastard songwriters we've ever known. The now solo project, of the man simply known as Bone to most, will self-release their latest, A Sweet Thing Turns Sour on August 24th. Raw and immediate, the new Dust record could just be Bone's best effort yet, an album that combines earthy textures and gravely voiced depression with dynamic arrangements and a real tortured sense of beauty in the shallows. The album rattles with loose rhythms and distorted folk ideals, the simplistic structures dropped on their heads and contorted with a veteran's attention to detail.

"Bad Shit," the album's first single is lush with a woodsy approach, the finger picked guitar melodies are tangled but twangy, rippling between the trees and the dense atmosphere Bone creates with each discordant plunk and gorgeous harmonic response. The song is dazzling, transporting you deep into the depths with a simple groove and a minor key melody that resonates beyond superficial emotions. Bone's voice is doubled, adding a heightened sense to his word, each one stinging out over a warm and expanding progression, with layers casually added with every passing movement. The build up comes easy, but there's no denying the heavy atmospheres as everything peels back and Bone declares, "feels good to act dumb, I'll never get what I want, but it's worth all the bad shit, just to feel alive."

Dust From 1000 Yrs' A Sweet Thing Turns Sour is out August 24th. Check the band out on tour later this fall, complete dates below.

Tour Dates:
09/14 - Philadelphia, PA
09/15 - Washington, DC
09/16 - North Carolina
09/17 - Atlanta, GA
09/18 - Nashville, TN
09/19 - St. Louis, MO
09/20 - Bloomington, IN
09/21 - Indianapolis, IN
09/22 - Chicago, IL
09/23 - Michigan
09/24 - Michigan/Buffalo, NY
09/25 - Hamilton, ON
09/26 - Toronto, ON
09/28 - Montreal, QC
09/29 - Montreal, QC