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Ethers - "Rip Off" | Post-Trash Premiere

TIM136-Ethers_1600 copy.jpg

by Andrew Hertzberg (@and_hertz)

For anyone that was paying close attention to the Chicago music scene from 2010-2015, there was no shortage of garage- and psych-heavy bands filling up dive bars, basements, and loft spaces across the city. It’s the time when I personally started to be more active in the community, constantly listening to anyone playing at the Empty Bottle or DIY spots like [REDACTED]. While some bands might have captured my attention for a month, or a week, or a few days, some bands continue to get regular spins on my turntable.

Lucky for me and you, members from a few of these bands have formed an alliance called Ethers and are releasing an album that’s dirty and gritty and ready to be the soundtrack of out-too-late-on-a-Tuesday Summer nights. The four-piece features members from Radar Eyes, Outer Minds, and Heavy Times, (described by Hozac Records as “Chicago’s most hated band on the world’s most hated record label.”)

The band has previously released two demos, and now Post-Trash is happy to premiere “Rip Off,” the first single from their debut LP. Bo Hansen’s drawled, sardonic vocal delivery takes the lead, backed by catchy guitar leads during the chorus recalling the best of moments of Heavy Times. Also front and center is Mary McKane on the electric organ, which fans of The Runnies will no doubt enjoy. And speaking of The Runnies, those grooving bass-lines are in thanks to Russ Calderwood. Ethers isn’t trying to hide their previous bands sounds and influences, and while “Rip Off” slips into a comfortable mid-tempo rhythm, this single combined with the two previously released demos “Something” and “Past My Prime” show the band working within a range of styles.  

The band’s self-titled debut album will be released on August 24th on Trouble In Mind (who’ve recently put out records by Love-Birds, FACS, and Omni) and it’s hard to think of a more appropriate label for them to be on. Chicagoans can catch the band live at West Fest later next month.