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SIGNAL - "BLL" | Post-Trash Premiere

SIGNAL COVER 1400x1400-01.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Quick and nasty, SIGNAL make music that feels like it collapse under the weight of it's blistering distortion and frantic rhythms at any moment. The garage punk band's fury of noise and feedback is as much atmosphere as it is aggression, it's the foundation for the shouted vocals and renegade melodies. Their songs rip and burn in the blink of an eye, important and political in nature, the band make their point in rapid time, rarely crossing the two minute mark. Set to release their self-titled debut EP on August 10th via the always excellent Ramp Local, we're excited to share the band's first single "BLL".

Born from the smoldering trash of New York and it's five boroughs, there's a cynical nature to "BLL," a pummeling song that grinds with distorted riffs and a steady pounding rhythm. Aida Riddle's vocals are clear and full of disdain, "you think you're living but you're already dead." The song's hardcore charge is balanced with a blanket of lo-fi shredding courtesy of Carlos Salas. The song whips into a frenzy and momentarily relents just to tear back in, a tornado of weirdo punk on the stampede.

SIGNAL's self-titled EP is out August 10th via Ramp Local.