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Grace Kelly All Day - "All In The Keep" | Post-Trash Premiere

Grace Kelly All Day - Give Me Your Evil - Cover Online Square GKAD.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Brooklyn's Grace Kelly All Day have been playing shows throughout the city for the past few years, making a name for themselves with a mix of bluesy rock and post-punk, something that takes elements from The Birthday Party as well as the more sinister corners of rock 'n' roll's history. The band will release their full length debut, Give Me Your Evil, on June 25th and will celebrate on June 28th at The Gutter with The Mad Doctors, High Pony, and God Tiny. Lead single "All In The Keep" is a swaggering dirge of menacing grooves and howling punk, set up against the backdrop of deflected guilt and self reflection.

The video is a madcap adventure of a planet of the apes style character, running through the city at full speed, on a mission to get home with briefcase in hand. Bursting through doors and jumping over the hoods of cars, the ape arrives home with "the finding" a mysterious paper towel roll-like object that leads to another dimension, this one that has Grace Kelly All Day playing insides it starry confines. As Ryan Headley spits out the sharp syllables and pointed vocals, supplemental guitarist Yazan Fahmawi is in full lean mode. Bless those dirty apes.

Grace Kelly All Day's Give Me Your Evil is out June 25th.