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Twin Drugs - "MWR" | Post-Trash Premiere

Twin Drugs Photo.jpg

by David Haynes (@shooshlord)

When I think of shoegaze or dream pop, I often think of those bands as fundamentally making beautiful, dreamy music. The goal seems to be disconnection from the reality of acoustic instruments and sparse production. It’s music that is soft around the edges. And not that Twin Drugs’ music isn’t beautiful – I just think they’re doing something different. 

Twin Drugs sounds like shoegaze’s distant, angrier cousin; the black sheep of the family. While layers of delay and reverb are still there, Twin Drugs’ new single “MWR” tries its hardest to make you forget that it’s a gorgeous song. The guitars underneath the ambient noises are dark and gritty and the drums are pounding. The members of Twin Drugs have just taken the shoegaze formula and added some teeth but “MWR” still leaves you with the feeling that you are floating on a cloud. 

Twin Drugs are redefining what shoegaze means. Their new record Hi Pressure is out January 18th on Flesh & Bone Records