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Fred Cracklin - "One Bad Bear" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Have you had a chance to shred yet today? It's never too early to give your day a kickstart, especially if that rude awakening comes courtesy of Western Mass’ Fred Cracklin, a duo that finds their sweet spot between free jazz and experimental metal. The band’s debut album, Looming Spook, was released back in April via Cuchabata Records, a record that thrashes around with all limbs flailing, embracing bands like Hella and Lightning Bolt while expanded outward in their own freak punk odyssey. The band, comprised of Tundrastomper’s Max Goldstein (drums, electronics) and 23 Ensemble’s Adam Bosse (guitar) let the noise take them down a path of destruction and constant jaw-dropping precision. They play off one another and against each other, their virtuosity matched only by their sense for exploration.

“One Bad Bear” has been given the video treatment, one that comes with a definite seizure and epilepsy warning, as if listening to this band alone wasn’t a red flag in that regard. Directed by Silas Price, the clip is triggered with the tangled menace of the song, each furious avalanche of rhythms and corrosive guitar noise transfixed to a shifting visual that’s delightful is not disorienting. You probably don’t want to watch it to many times, or maybe you do, but maybe don’t operate any heavy machinery after.