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Green Dreams - "Asthma" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Rochester, NY’s Green Dreams are always adapting, changing their sound with each release while keeping the punk spirit alive and well. From punk/hardcore to power-pop, the band’s fuzzed out rock is bolstered by big hooks and a never-ending parade of catchy vocal lines paired with lyrical depth. Set to release Go Back To The Horse on December 28th via Dadstache Records, the follow up to 2016’s Here At Castle Makeout is refined ever so slightly, still raging with feedback and agitation, but the melodies shimmer just a bit brighter.

“Asthma,” the album’s second single following “Cole (Is The Hot One),” opens with syrupy vocals and a propulsive bass line, a intro reminiscent of The Breeders. The band pair their sweetness and sense of humor with heavy subject matters, opting for a sense of innocence in a song that deals with the loss of it. The distorted guitars and layered vocals burn holes like a magnifying glass on the sidewalk, but the thick chords part ways for a bit of “The Cha-Cha Slide,” just in case you needed a reminder that everyone needs a break from the trauma here and there.

Speaking about the song, Jesse Amesmith (guitar/vocals) shared:

"This song was written to myself at about 15 or 16 years old... it's about the myth of virginity, and how it complicated my understanding of consent & boundaries as a teenager. It's about the memories & heartbreak surrounding my early relationships. Do you remember being young & confused about how someone else feels & you know if you just *ask* them you might find out, but you can't bring yourself to? Maybe you feel that way now. My advice to me then, and us now is rip the bandage off & DO IT. Ask the questions your heart is burning to ask! Share your feelings, tell someone you love them, tell someone NO when you mean no. This song is also about learning how to be rejected, and learning that not everyone has your best interest at heart, or at all. It hurts when you're let down but it hurts worse to be strung along. The title "Asthma" & the goofy "Cha Cha Slide" inspired bridge are playful touchstones to things in the past that have been processed & assumed new meaning in my life, because I learned how to ask for what I want & stick to it.”

Green Dreams’ Go Back To The Horse is out December 28th via Dadstache Records.