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Infinity Dance Complex - "Plea" | Post-Trash Premiere

infinity dance complex.jpg

by Nathan Springer (@drownloading)

When I first heard Infinity Dance Complex I couldn’t decide if I wanted to get up and dance, lie down and go into a trance, or somehow attempt to do both simultaneously. The electronic project from Matt Anderegg (Mothers) flirts with synth pop, but is focused on mood and texture first and foremost; the complexities beneath the surface will have you bobbing your head and also scratching it (in a good way), trying to figure out the connections between all of the moving parts.

“Plea” is the first single from These Rules, which will be released on cassette on December 7th by Nino Tomorrow. If you’ve checked out the label’s previous releases, the palette of sounds here might sound familiar (MIDI pushed beyond contexts in which it is usually found), but the approach here is different than anything else the label has put out thus far. Sugary, hyper-processed vocals blend with permutations of synth melodies which seem to be constantly shifting and repeating at the same time. All of this is grounded by hypnotic layers of percussion that builds in complexity over the course of the track’s four minutes. Check out our exclusive premiere of “Plea” below and stay tuned for the rest of the album in early December.

Infinity Dance Complex’s These Rules is out December 7th via Nino Tomorrow.