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Laser Background - "Wasting Away" Video | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Some music videos rely on big budgets and fancy production while others opt for a more “homemade” approach. Both have their upsides and downs, and either can flourish as a new visual companion that really adds a new depth of enjoyment to the song. More often than not, the lo-fi method of video making fails to achieve that duality with the music, instead offering a visual (perhaps found footage or layered VHS manipulation) that serves little to no purpose. Sometimes though it just goes so perfectly right and a new symbiosis is born, as is the case with Laser Background’s new video “Wasting Away.”

Taken from the recently released People Person EP, a fantastic listen in all it’s brevity, the video was directed by Nathan Springer, occasional Post-Trash contributor and the mastermind behind Atlanta’s Floral Print. While the video resides in the more “screen saver” territory of visual arts, it works perfectly with Laser Background’s mutant funk-pop. Vivid colors and designs (I’m pretty sure I had sheets as a kid that are identical to some of these patterns) shift and move in time with Andy Molholt’s slick blend of psych and soul, as faces, dancers, robots, and spiral-art fades in and out in a kaleidoscopic manner. Every bass line, electronic blip, and false collapse is perfectly aligned with fidgety movements and visual joy.

Laser Background’s People Person EP is out now.