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The Post-Trash Guide to SXSW 2019

19_SXSW_Music Festival_Header.png

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Everyone’s favorite music clusterfuck, best known as SXSW is upon us… in about five months and the first announcement of officially selected bands has arrived. Despite the annual extravaganza’s shortcomings, we like to think that SXSW can be a great time with friends from around the country (and around the world) in the nice Texas sun if you do it right. It’s simply a matter of knowing just how to do that… what to see, what to skip, where to go, where to avoid like the plague, and throughout these next five months, we hope to present a guide on the shows worth catching and the events best suited for having a good time, seeing good bands, and steering clear of any corporate nonsense.

In this first entry we’re going to keep it simple. A grid of bands announced in the “first round” we think you should check out. Sure we happen to know some others who will be down there but for now, we’re going to stick with what’s been announced and what is “official”. As we get closer, we’ll give a wider look into things, expanding as we approach. Who knows, maybe even ol’ Post-Trash will have a show. For now however, we present our picks for the “first round.”