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Matt Robidoux - "Cracker Cuts" LP | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

art: Liz Durette

art: Liz Durette

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Matt Robidoux has always created music with an open mind and loose direction, following divergent paths into every corner of sound from the legendary Graph (one of the Northeast's most legendary bands) and Pony Bones, to traditional Irish folk, to the far more experimental Mwchins, Curse Purse, and a slew of projects, compositions, and collaborations that go beyond avant-garde. Cracker Cuts is a little bit of all of that, warped and bubbling in a way that only Robidoux can make any sense of, it's brilliantly strange and oddly inviting.

Scattered with songs that dart genre restrictions, Robidoux's "audacity-pop" album blends together wistful drone ("New Hollow"), blown out slacker fuzz ("Sunny Rain"), free jazz-blues fusion ("Mens Room") sampled experimentations ("Trump Towers"), and lo-fi noise ("Drones Club") to create something ultimately pop friendly in the most alien of ways. Robidoux lulls you in with incredibly stunning French pop ("Melodie Affamee") and acoustic ballads ("Send In The Clowns"), before he quickly shakes you back out, leaving your senses tangled like a bowl of spaghetti. It's an album that requires an open mind, and it's utterly gorgeous in its own haphazard way.

Tour Dates:

08/01 - Brooklyn, NY @ VITAL JOINT w/ Peter Stampfel *
08/02 - Philadelphia, PA @ TROLL FEST w/ fursaxa, staples, unguent, ursula, mark cone, pat of lsdv, ghost in salad, zachary darrup + zane kanevsky, mezzanine swimmers, strawberry hands *
08/03 - Baltimore, MD @ ANORAK CITY w/ liz durette + miles clark *
08/05 - Athens, OH @ STATION 116 w/ shane riley +
08/06 - Columbus, OH @ SUNDAY MASS: DUNKIES OR CUMBIES FEST w/ wet hands, prom, band, twat slug, paul goll, bobb hatt, vend, ralph regular +
08/07 - Hamilton, ON @ THIS AIN’T HOLLYWOOD w/ thoughts on air, man made hill, isness, barbaric slapton +
08/08 - Kalamazoo, MI @ SATELLITE RECORDS +
08/09 - Chicago, IL @ ELASTIC ARTS w/ z’ev, curt oren + rose bouboushian +
08/12 - Superior, WI @ ZEITGEIST ARTS w/ cyrus pireh
08/13 - Superior, WI @ CEDAR LOUNGE w/ cyrus pireh
08/14 - Minneapolis, MN @ WHITE PAGE w/ 366
08/15 - Omaha, NE @ club w/ nathan ma
08/17 - Billings, MT @ SMILING DOG RECORDS w/ luer
08/19 - Salt Lake City, UT @ DIABOLICAL RECORDS 

* w/ Frank Hurricane & Joshua Burkett
+ w/ Jen Gelineau