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Gland - "Is A Conspiracy" EP | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

if you haven't been paying attention thus far, Gland doesn't give a shit what you think and who you are, they have their own plans, so try not to be a prick. After last year's fiery garage punk debut, Neurotica, the New Orleans quartet are back with Is A Conspiracy, another vibrant collection of hyper-agitated, raw, lo-fi punk. Gland's love for minimalist post-punk and garage rock sparsity leaves plenty of room for the band to get their message across, railing against society's pre-determined norms. Themes on the importance of self-love ("The Velvet Glove of Self Love") and the freedom to do what you find significant ("Dropout"), Is A Conspiracy is a riotous celebration of the ability to be yourself at all costs.

Ideals, self awareness, and using your artistic voice to create change are important, but sometimes you just want to have some fun and let it all burn. To that extent we have "Kratum 8R,"a song that "ups the punk" as Gland dive deep into a deviant circular riff. While the aim of the song's aggression is a bit fuzzy, it's not entirely important as they spout a great deal of anti-establishment threats ranging from "I'm gonna burn down the police station with all the pigs inside" and "I'm gonna spit in their food" to "I'm gonna rob your dad and piss on his money". They're just having a bit fun, but cross them at your own risk. Then there's "Reptile House," a zany conversational punk song that fits well with Hardcore era Devo. A track that for all I can tell is either about finding a "snake" to unclog a drain or a the rescue of a pet reptile from the plumbing. Whatever its about, "Reptile House" is bursting with a joyously animated performance. Gland aren't afraid to ask the hard hitting questions, "where is the goddamn snake?!?!". The answer may be irrelevant but it's clear that Gland are having a good time laying waste to cliches and embracing their dischordant punk spirit.

Gland's Is A Conspiracy is out June 2nd via Community Records.