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Super Thief - "Books w/ No Pages" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Relaxation comes in different shapes and forms... some people like a cold lemonade, a gentle rocking chair, or a good book... and others like noise rock at it's most blown out and abrasive. Catharsis works in many ways, and studies have shown that listening to heavy music can be therapeutic. I don't know where these studies are... but they exist. In that sense, Super Thief are here for your well being. The Austin noise rock band are getting ready to release Stuck, their full-length debut and it's a veritable melange of animosity and colossal aggression. Take new single "Books w/ No Pages" and it's throat shattering mantra, "the drugs are in the books with no pages." Just try screaming that out next time you're having a rough day, see if you don't feel a bit better. Stuck is a record about breaking routine and letting go, a formal fucking free-for-all of twisted insanity.

"Books w/ No Pages" bursts to life like an unholy awakening, the pulse like a stampede that runs over you, pauses momentarily, then tramples you several more times. Students of the AmRep/Touch & Go school for noise rock, Super Thief draw comparisons to bands like The Jesus Lizard, Hammerhead, and Tar, but their attack is more impenetrable, more persistent. There's no lull, no restraint. When the band pull back ever so slightly from the carnage, it's only to hammer in the reality of their earthquaking rhythms and rusted distortion. The gnarled and contorted "Books w/ No Pages" may not cure your headache, but you won't soon forget the band's volatile punk density... or where the drugs are.

Super Thief's Stuck is out June 9th.

6/28 - Austin, TX @ Beerland
6/29 - Denton, TX @ The Shed
6/30 - Little Rock, AR @ house show
7/01 - Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin
7/02 - Evansville, IN @ PG
7/03 - St. Louis, MO @ The Sinkhole
7/04 - Madison, WI @ house show
7/05 - Milwaukee, WI @ High Dive
7/06 - Minneapolis, MN @ Reverie
7/07 - Chicago, IL @ Quenchers
7/08 - Kansas City, MO @ Second Base
7/09 - Tulsa, OK @ Soundpony
8/08 - San Antonio, TX @ Hi-Tones * 
8/09 - Austin, TX @ Beerland * 
8/10 - Dallas, TX @ TBA *
8/11 - Beaumont, TX  @ The Texas Rose Saloon

* w/ Tunic