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Caitlin Pasko - "The Still" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Caitlin Pasko's debut album Glass Period is a reflection on grief. It's an undeniably fragile and heartbreaking listen built upon raw emotion and gorgeous honesty. Pasko's whispered vocals and minimal piano arrangements are both meditative and passionate. Produced by Zula's Henry Terepka (who adds auxiliary synth and guitar), Pasko's music may stem from loss, but the sound is reminiscent to watching a flower bloom (rather than decay) after a harsh winter. This is merely the beginning of the next chapter.

"The Still" is part of that metamorphosis, a heavy-hearted ballad dedicated to gathering the resolve to move forward. The video features found footage of a family outing to a community pool (spliced and sequenced by NYC-based book/filmmaker Ruben Hernandez), a vintage memorial to better days. As the song opens at a stunning crawl, Pasko uses the space between the notes to accentuate her sorrow, slowly building strength upon reflection. It's all enough to make you weep with transitive grief (or at least feel the strong desire to hug a loved one) but Pasko perseveres, rising with the crescendo as she quietly concludes "I just want my feeling back".

Caitlin Pasko's Glass Period is out March 10th.