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Platinum Boys - "Lord Knows" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Kat Harding (@iwearaviators)

Get in your car on a sunny day, roll down the windows, and go down the highway listening to Platinum Boys' latest single “Lord Knows,” released on the front end of the band’s month-long tour. Their vintage Southern-rock twang sung over loud electric guitars is a throwback to 1970s rock days, with guitar riffs aplenty, layered vocals, and a touch of pedal steel. They’re lamenting not being able to rescue friends with problems, unable to be saved themselves by the women they love. “Sometimes I like to get around, get so high my feet can’t touch the ground,” they sing before tearing into a guitar solo, putting into words the relatable need for escape. 

The anthemic lyrics and rocking instrumentals will have you grooving and singing along, putting into words the need for a good job that pays, a woman that fixes all, and friends who understand. It’s a fun, momentary reprieve from the madness that is 2017 and should be played with the volume turned up to 11. 

Platinum Boys' new album Buzz is out March 31st via Forged Artifacts/Dusty Medical Records.