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Cold Sweats - "Chew" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Back in November of 2015, New York trio Cold Sweats released their debut album Social Coma, a dynamic album that blended post-hardcore, crooning art punk, and relentless hardcore with a deranged attitude. Things have been relatively quiet since but surprise! Cold Sweats are set to release Most High, a new EP this Friday, March 10th. Drastic times call for drastic measures, a sentiment that can be felt throughout the new record as the trio dial back the artier aspects of their sound while embracing the agitated and reckless elements. Their sound is ugly and dangerous, a perfect harmony for Cold Sweats' madness.

"Chew," the EP's lead single is all bile and discontent. Opening with a corrosive riff that digs deep into a creepy resolve, its not long before Cold Sweats' rhythm section comes pounding with a barrage of dense fills and jazzy brutality. The guitar tones' glorious filth pairs with the slow barked vocals and manic howls, spinning headfirst into a brick wall of ringing noise and sludge. It's quick, abrasive, harsh, and brilliant. A welcome return from one of New York's most exciting punk bands.

Cold Sweats' Most High is out Friday, March 10th. The band are celebrating the release that night at Brooklyn's Suburbia with Aficionado, Spill, and Tongue.