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Russel The Leaf - "Holdin' Out (feat. Katie Bennett)" | Track Review

by Hayden Sitomer

Russel the Leaf’s newest song, “Holdin’ Out,” is a jaunty jingle complete with playful instrumentation that creates a compelling contrast with the song’s heartfelt lyrical tale about the trials and tribulations of friendship.

The singer’s latest album, whimsically titled Janitor Boy, is set to be released on March 3rd via Sleeper Records, a Philadelphia based record label which is self-proclaimed as one that is dedicated to “giving their friends/talented creators the audience they deserve.” Evan Marré, the brains and voice behind Russel the Leaf, with harmonic help from Katie Bennett of the Philadelphia band, Free Cake for Every Creature, sings about friendship in the most endearing of terms: “I wanna be your best friend again, it’s my favorite thing.” Evan and Katie’s voices intertwine, intersect, and connect so effortlessly atop the song’s bouncy melody in such a way that allows listeners to take a moment to recollect their own, most treasured, friendships.

There is an idea present in “Holdin’ On” that, while upbeat and youthful in delivery, resonates on a deeper level for people in all walks of life: sometimes the best friendships are those we have waited for; the friendships that we have allowed to slowly develop and intensify over time become our most meaningful relationships. Russel the Leaf delivers this profound idea with ease over the course of this nostalgia-inducing theme song for friendship.

Take a listen to Russel the Leaf’s “Holdin’ On” ahead of the release of their album, Janitor Boy on March 3rd!