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Luggage - "Sun" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Earlier this year Chicago's Luggage released their debut album Sun on Automatic Records, a cold and dark blast of powerful post-punk and sprawling shoegaze. Their songs travel the wasteland, filling a void as their minimalist approach swarms and expands, filling the empty spaces with circling walls of sound like vultures moving in on their prey.

We're excited to share the premiere of Luggage's new video for the album's title track "Sun". Despite the name, there's nothing sunny about it. Hell, there are times you wonder when the last time you even saw the sun was while listening to the band, but there's a beauty to be found in the shadows. Built on a slow creeping churn the song barrels forward like a tank, crushing the Earth beneath as the video's places you up close and personal with the band as they drift in and out of focus. Blinding lights add a harsh juxtaposition to the videos endless slabs of gray (it's an aesthetic for the band, and it fits), there's a quick glimpse of some sort of space shuttle launch, and the whole thing maintains a glorious Slint vibe. What we're trying to say is, check it out... it's great.