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Fuzzy Meadows: The Week In Review (March 7th - March 13th)

"Fuzzy Meadows: The Week in Review" is a weekly round-up of the best new music premiered this week across the internet. It's a weekly embarrassment of riches, let Post-Trash be your guide. It's the weekend, here's what happened...

TWO INCH ASTRONAUT | "Personal Life"
[Brooklyn Vegan]

"Maryland’s Two Inch Astronaut have always had a sound that hearkened back to ’90s DC post-hardcore, so naturally it made a ton of sense when they hooked up with Jawbox’s J. Robbins to produce their new album Personal Life, which came out last month on Exploding In Sound. The album’s title track, which rips as hard as many of Two Inch’s influences, has just gotten video treatment courtesy of director Mike O’Brien." - Andrew Sacher, Brooklyn Vegan

WOOZY | "Venom"

"The nervy compositions on Woozy’s debut album Blistered led us to name the New Orleans trio one of the best new bands of last year. Now, they’re going on tour and are back with a new video for “Venom” to promote it. This one sees them taking inspiration from their surroundings, with a creepy look into a mental breakdown fueled by “classic voodoo and swamp witch themes,” so explains guitarist/vocalist John St. Cyr." - James Rettig, Stereogum

MELVINS | "Hideous Woman"
[Rolling Stone]

"In June the band will drop Basses Loaded, an album featuring a whopping six different bass players: four tracks with Redd Kross bassist Steve McDonald, a track with Butthole Surfers bassist Jeff Pinkus, one with upright bass from Fantômas' Trevor Dunn, four tracks as Melvins 1983 with drummer Dale Crover holding down the low end, one with the current Melvins lineup assisted by the two members of Big Business and, most notably, a collaboration with their old friend Krist Novoselic of Nirvana." - Christopher R. Weingarten, Rolling Stone

HORSE JUMPER OF LOVE | "Horse Jumper Of Love" LP

"Enter Horse Jumper of Love, a slow rock trio from Boston who write songs evocative of Explosions in the Sky, early Radiohead and that feeling you get on Monday mornings when you’re not really sure where you are or why you’re still in the shower, but there you are." - Annalise Domenighini, Noisey

WEAVES | "One More"

"Jasmyn Burke is a commanding performer, both riveting and spacey at the same time. Though the music bursts with fierce intensity while she sings, she seems lost in a world of her own creation, at one moment twirling her dress and the next flailing on the floor. It's an exciting example of a not-so-unusual set up of guitars, bass and drums." - Bob Boilen, NPR

GUIDED BY VOICES | "My Zodiac Companion"

"Earnest and tuneful, the song opens with a flamenco guitar flourish before puffing up its chest and swelling into full-strength rock opera territory, though of course with a touch of the slacker sensibility you’d expect from Guided By Voices." - Paul Stokes, Mojo

[The Fader]

""Dream On" is the kind of song that has you progressing from foot tapping to head nodding to dancing and jumping around in a matter of minutes. It's also a distinct celebration of surviving life by following your heart, though Culture Abuse might not put it quite that sappily." - Leah Mandel, The Fader

[AV Club]

"the video for “Scraper,” the album’s lead single, that shows the band remains as savage as ever, even if it’s found ways to go from math-rock spasms to offer a more streamlined version of its old self." - David Anthony, AV Club

EAGULLS | "Skipping"
[Consequence of Sound]

"When Eagulls announced the new record, they pointed to influences like Cocteau Twins and 1980s-era The Cure; “Skipping” puts those sounds on full display. It’s a pounding, anthemic cry of chugging bass and guitars that build walls of sound ever higher as the track goes on." - Ben Kaye, Consequence of Sound

HOODED FANG | "A Final Hello"
[Under The Radar]

"The song and clip coalesce to create an ultra-saturated burst of sensory overload." - Michael Wojtas, Under The Radar

PINKWASH | "Longer Now"

"While following a similarly rage-laden pattern to their previous releases, Sigh’s lead single “Longer Now” takes the prog-rock formula to a new, raucous thrum. Buzzing, maxed-out chords make way for punishing drums, but Doubek’s urgent — yet still careful — vocals don’t get lost in this storm: He holds court over the seemingly unstoppable back track" - Megan Bradley, Spin

PJ HARVEY | "The Community of Hope"

"after sharing first single “The Wheel,” she’s now letting the world hear “The Community Of Hope,” the song that opens the album. Like “The Wheel,” it’s a driving, ’70s-style rock song that concerns itself with big societal questions. This one seems to address the way corporate interests destroy communities; “they’re gonna build a Wal-Mart here” is the refrain." - Tom Breihan, Stereogum


"Today, she's shared a new version of "On the Lips," a cut that originally appeared on her 2013 effort I'm Sorry I'm Hi Let's Go." - Zoe Camp, Pitchfork

WIMPS | "Couches"
[Brooklyn Vegan]

"The band now gave the video treatment to “Couches, a dose of fidgety post-punk with a serious emphasis on “punk” that has Matt and Rachel bouncing shouts off each other. It’s a pretty weird video, with the kind of (presumably) intentionally primitive digital editing that you might see on Adult Swim." - Andrew Sacher, Brooklyn Vegan

FUTURE PUNX | "How To Dance"

"The band's dance-centric brand of futurism is on full display throughout the John Lise-directed clip: Animated renderings of band members cut a rug through a colorful digital odyssey that plays out like a psychedelic cyber-trip. The avatars zip through various choreographies in a warped arcade-style world, morphing into kaleidoscopic bursts of color along the way. " - Michael, Kolb, Adhoc

IGGY POP | "I Dig Your Mind"

"Yesterday, we heard the Arcs cover Bobby Parker for this week’s episode of Vinyl, and today we’re getting a few more soundtrack contributions from the likes of Iggy Pop and Alison Mosshart. The former covered Nervous Breakdowns’ “I Dig Your Mind"" - James Rettig, Stereogum

SAVAK | "Reaction"
[Brooklyn Vegan]

"SAVAK, the band featuring half of Obits (and members of The Make Up and more) will release their debut album, Best of Luck in Future Endeavors, on May 27 via Comedy Minus One. The first single is anthemic stormer “Reaction,” which features Michael Jaworski on vocals (Sohrab from Obits is the band’s other singer/guitarist)." - Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan

MEATBODIES | "Hibernation"
[Flood Magazine]

"it finds Ubovich, Kevin Boog, and Patrick Nolan in an appropriately continental mode. The bass—whose dull sparkle sounds like the sonic equivalent of a banged funny bone—takes up half of the soundstage, giving a woozy nod in the general direction of krautrock without really wandering over to chat." - Flood Magazine

HOLY TUNICS | "Clutching The Straw Map To Your Heart"

"Led by a maelstrom of spiky riffs and suitably languid demeanour, the track is shaped Nick Rogers brilliantly grainy lead vocal that blasts its own path right through the heart of the track, wildly setting out a course that the whole thing dutifully follows to the very own." - Tom Johnson, GoldFlakePaint

EMPTY MARKETS | "Stainless Steel"

"I wasn't really sure what it would end up looking like when I started but I knew I wanted it to be sort of, but not quite abstract. Once I got far enough along to narrow down the look and concept, a lot of it was just luck and time spent finding the right source material that could be manipulated to share that same vibe. I'm not even sure what some of the original clips are of exactly." - Drew Schmitz, Empty Markets

THE BLIND PETS | "True Love Was Made For Fools"

"A stomping march, it soon jumps into the band’s more usual garage pop clatter, after the singer implores, “I try and I try and I try try try.”" - CMJ

WILDHONEY | "Hurts To Hear"
[Brooklyn Vegan]

"Wildhoney have released a video for “Hurts To Hear” which is one of the poppiest moments from last year’s Your Face Sideways." - Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan

[New Noise Magazine]

"Wild’ is loosely based on the question, what is natural? The lyrics, ‘Trash deep in the woods. If we are wild…’ was inspired by seeing a McDonald’s cup while hiking in Virginia. The disposable cup and its logo seemed so bizarre in that setting.” - Night Idea

[Brooklyn Vegan]

"After dabbling Brubeck-y jazz and gentle acoustics, Australia’s King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard are back in hyperactive psych mode on new album Nonagon Infinity, which will be out via ATO on April 29." - Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan

BOYFRNDZ | "Hiatus"

"After the opening lulls you into a trance with dreamy, quivering guitars, intricate, rolling drum work comes in heavy with Scott Martin’s tender high-pitched vocals to balance. The stuttering, military feel of the drums breaks up the lingering guitar for a discordant feeling of floating rhythms. The quartet plays off of that tension until the last 45 seconds, when everything explodes into an intoxicating, consuming energy." - Collin Robinson, Stereogum

VIDEO DAUGHTERS | "Video Daughters" LP

"Video Daughters are a Brooklyn based noise-rock duo, and 'Video Daughters' is their second full length and third release on Already Dead.

BLEACHED | "Sour Candy"

"“Sour Candy” opens with bong ripples and a muscle-car engine starting, and that should give you some idea of what follows. It’s all-fun-all-the-time music, with big, driving guitars and new-wave keyboard doodles and effortlessly tough juvenile-delinquent Ramones-style vocals." - Tom Breihan, Stereogum

JAPANESE BREAKFAST | "The Woman That Loves You"
[The Fader]

"a textured account of a relationship mid-crumble, hinged on zoned-out guitar ripples, sentimental synths, and a simply stated question: Don’t you think you should try to do as little harm as you can to the woman that loves you?" - Patrick D. McDermott, The Fader

MUSEYROOM | "It Won't Change Now"

"The song showcases the band’s proclivity towards deep, ’50s pop-inspired harmonies as well as their seamless combination of organic-sounding folk elements and more modern synth tones. It’s a fun, jangly tune that makes classic elements sound modern." - Michelle Laggan, Stereogum

RICK RUDE | "Mind Cook" EP
[Boston Hassle]

"Smooth, sentimental vocals soar over twinkling arpeggios and cool-dude chords that seamlessly break out into crunchy riffs and ripping solos. The band incorporate their rock influences without ripping anybody off, adding their own New England saltiness to the interweaving guitars and punchy rhythms." - Boston Hassle

MOTHERS | "It Hurts Until It Doesn't"

"Kristine Leschper shot the footage herself, and describes it as an ode to her cat Casper, who is featured in some of the band’s press photos and sadly went missing back in December" - Gabriela Tully Claymore, Stereogum

MICK BARR | "Worthhnt (Rust Mine)"
[Tiny Mix Tapes]

"Mick Barr’s tormented vocals retell the forsaken that sought out to defeat the majesty of “Worthhnt (Rust Mine).” His hands wrap around the neck, grasping to strangle his storytelling companion, while slashing the guts out of its body work recounts the agony in which fate settles for each bravely failed adventurer. “Worthhnt (Rust Mine)” isn’t for the feint of heart, and I don’t think anyone else could tell it as intricately as Mick Barr." - C Monster, Tiny Mix Tapes


"“Witch Parade” might have some of the boldest and brightest chords not written by Gene Clark. Western Medication paints a picture of the band wagons and pageants that praise the most unsavory of characters on accounts of unearned praise or legitimate accolades. The song makes something of a subtle dig at the shameless and most ruthless characters of the industry that are celebrated on the basis of their own cults of personality, sans substance." - Sjimon Gompers, Impose

NOTHING | "Vertigo Flowers"

""The song is very much about dealing with spells of paranoia," Domenic "Nicky" Palermo, frontman for Nothing, told us over email. In order to capture that feeling, the video was shot in a small room, packed with high pressure fire extinguishers which were filled with paint and water and aimed at the band members, who also couldn't see what was happening due to blinding flood light being shone directly into their eyes." - Noisey

SUNWATCHERS | "Sunwatchers" LP
[Under The Radar]

"dive into Sunwatchers' heady brew, which is informed by everything from the fluidity of Ethiopian jazz to the droning repetition of modern avant-garde music." - Michael Wojtas, Under The Radar

and of course, on Post-Trash...

BIG FRED | "Pals" EP

"Pals’ stream-of-conscious feel and loose melodies make the album hard to grasp on the first few listens, even with its nine minute run time. But the shambolic qualities slowly fade with repeat listens. What slowly begins to take shape is a meticulous construction informing the nervous oddities in McCann’s brain." - Kelly Johnson, Post-Trash