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Fuzzy Meadows: The Week In Review (March 14th - March 20th)

"Fuzzy Meadows: The Week in Review" is a weekly round-up of the best new music premiered this week across the internet. It's a weekly embarrassment of riches, let Post-Trash be your guide. It's the weekend, here's what happened...

SOFT FANGS | "The Light" LP
[Consequence of Sound]

"The 11-track The Light is built on heavy-hearted, reverberating guitars that are as nostalgic for their mournful tone as they are for their reminiscence of Sparklehorse. While this crunchy melancholy permeates most of the album, Lutkevich also manages to fold in other indie rock influences that prevent the record from dragging you so deep into the self-reflective sadness that there feels like no hope." - Ben Kaye, Consequence of Sound

HORSE LORDS | "Truthers"

"On album-opener “Truthers,” loops swirl around each other until they seem to trade identities (listen on headphones to hear how sax and guitar can merge into one instrument). Like much of this band’s music, “Truthers” shares a spirit with the mathy cycles of Don Caballero, albeit without any metal-riff leanings." - Marc Masters, Pitchfork

PUFF PIECES | "Mindhead"

"Justin Moyer's (Antelope) four-chord progression for "Mindhead" is choked and clipped, as if to make clear that there will be no guitar solo — there is only Mike Andre's (Antelope) weirdly soothing monotone and frenetically smooth bass, and Amanda Maude's stern groove built from a kick, a snare, a hi-hat and nothing else. There is no explosive chorus to bring us out of Puff Pieces' nervous mantra, just an existential observation..." - Lars Gotrich, NPR

DEFTONES | "Doomed User"

"It’s a heavy song in every sense of the word, a deep head-nodder with a few different time signatures and a barely-holding-it-together vocal from Chino Moreno." - Tom Breihan, Stereogum

PATIO | "Arbitrary Numbers"

"it’s a good indication of Patio’s sound. DiBlasi’s bass line helms the track, Suh’s drums punctuate sharply, and McCloy’s melodic, subdued vocals are cloaked in the rhythms, but cut through the noise with keen, understated contemplation." - Collin Robinson, Stereogum

PJ HARVEY | "The Community of Hope"

"the new single from PJ Harvey’s forthcoming album The Hope Six Demolition Project, is about the Washington, DC area Ward 7, and it’s about all the problems that come with poverty and gentrification. The song’s new video was shot entirely in DC, and Harvey doesn’t appear in it at all. Instead, her regular recent collaborator, the wartime photographer Seamus Murphy, went to DC and captured a range of everyday sights" - Tom Breihan, Stereogum

LITTLER | "Tectonics"
[The Grey Estates]

"The energy in the track changes as quickly as our culture, its frenetic pacing reaching a smashing conclusion of shouted promises to change and enraged instrumentals. " - The Grey Estates

HOODED FANG | "Impressions"
[Consequence of Sound]

"Frantic guitars zig-zag like a runner escaping the chugging bassline that stalks behind them. The track winds and twists around the insecurities of new encounters as frontman Daniel Lee delivers the choppy lyrics." - Ben Kaye, Consequence of Sound

B BOYS | "No Worry No Mind" EP

"Warm and heavy with grit, the tracks on the remainder of the EP build on the foundation of many classic punk acts from Wire to Parquet Courts, with flangy guitars and ambivalent vocals over tight, frantic rhythms. The fuzzy wall of sound is tempered by a faint glow and even a subtle twang, giving B Boys’ first offering a pleasing multi-faceted sound. " - Michelle Laggan, Stereogum

B BOYS | "Get A Grip"

"The video features an array of characters in a trance-like state, seemingly overcome by the creeping sense of malaise that comes along with trudging through life’s day-to-day. Flashing between shots of its dead-eyed cast and the EP cover art come to life like one of those the weird moving scenery pictures that is normally reserved for your grandpa’s basement, the clip creates a playful dialogue whose subtle suggestions leave space for audiences to connect lyrics and visuals in whatever way they please." - Michelle Laggan, Stereogum

FOSTER CARE | "Solo Tryst"

"It's not easy to make out exactly what's being communicated here, though the words "goin' out for a solo tryst" come through. Obscured by a power chord assault, the feeling is wild and scummy, and that's exactly where Foster Care should be—reveling in fast, loud filth." - Evan Minsker, Pitchfork

MOURN | "Evil Dead"

"Last year, Barcelona's Mourn released their self-titled debut. They've now announced its follow-up: Ha, Ha, He. is out June 3 via Captured Tracks." - Matthew Strauss, Pitchfork

MUSEYROOM | "Pearly Whites" LP

"Their debut full-length Pearly Whites is dazzling and remarkably polished—well worth the years of work leading up to its release. Museyroom have employed just about every instrument imaginable to create a field of lush and clear sounds, including the occasional field recordings of chirping birds and ocean waves. " - Amelia Pitcherella, IMPOSE

MEW | "Count to Ten"

"the band’s contribution to Transformers Roll Out is a ravishing diamond called “Count To Ten,” whose flawless joy-melancholy shimmer feels very much of a piece with the band’s wonderful 2015 album, +-." - Michael Nelson, Stereogum


"There are shades of late 90s Sleater-Kinney in the loud-quiet-loud of it all, not least in Boudreaux’s voice, snarling at all the right moments. The decision to work with Chris Woodhouse (Wild Flag, Thee Oh Sees) on the record seems to be pushing the band into new, more outspoken territory, too. " - Alex Robert Ross, Noisey

GLITTERBUST | "The Highline"
[Interview Magazine]

"The band's emphasis on visual expression and its relationship to sound powerfully culminates in the mesmerizing short film, which was shot and directed by Thomas Campbell, sculpting reeling noise rock into a physical art experience." - Bryn Lovitt, Interview Magazine

DEAD CROSS | "We'll Sleep When They're Dead"

"Its caustic, manic blend of thrash, grind, noise rock, and hardcore is fast, ugly, and urgent (and a million times more intense than the new Slayer record)." - Noisey